Sakthivel Kannan: A Virtuous Entrepreneur Carving Employable Workforce

Sakthivel Kannan,CEOThroughout your career, what fosters high-level leadership & personal development together in one frame is quality mentorship. In an era where technology is growing at 100X rate and business is embracing it at the same pace or looking beyond to create newer business models (Flipkart & OLA for instance), umpteen of youths are pursuing various training programs to mould their skills. Hailing Mahatma Gandhi’s wisdom, ‘be the change you want to see in the world’, Sakthivel Kannan (CEO, Maantt Global Services – a platform providing talent development solutions) choose to redefine learning-training paradigm by integrating skill development technology & industry experience to enhance employability. He personally believes that being honest in what you deliver not only results in value creation but also makes a global difference. Turning the full stops of challenges into commas of success, Sakthivel’s strength lies in seeing people problems through digital thinking and conceiving a platform to solve the same, so that it reaches everyone’s life on the planet

Man in Momentum with Technology
While pursuing Masters in Computer Application in 1996, Sakthivel witnessed myriad of business domains embracing technology. He didn’t miss the opportunity of gathering knowledge on team dynamics and delivery techniques during his tenure with MNCs like TCS(through MITL), Alcatel, Scope International and CISCO across the banking, telecom & networking domains. Working with bigwigs did give him fruitful experiences as he learnt a great sense of identifying infliction points from them. Counting on these experiences till date, Sakthivel avers, “Be it agile methodology, Devops philosophy or Software Configuration Management, I learnt it on the job
and adopt it in my everyday life”.

By now Sakthivel got well acquainted with the roots of every business & touched the bottom line of the whole caboodle. Citing the state of affairs, he asserts, “Technology is connecting everything and Technology is business today”. Throughout his journey, in every assignment he undertook, his major focus was on automating the work or process to help the team and company. Having witnessed the impact of automation on life, he determined to solve small problems for larger society impact by incepting Maantt, a boutique digital company, in 2014 with automation solution in the area of learning & development and life care. The idea did pay him off. Spotting India’s population as a large talent pool amid the digital transformation, he immediately took this golden opportunity of fulfilling the skill gap. Apart from providing digital solution in retail, life care domains to improve process experience, Sakthivel built Banyan, a modern Talent Development system providing personalized learning to deliver business results.

Sakthivel’s affable conversation with the customers and personally guiding them throughout the process has been a major commitment in bringing a factor of assurance to Maantt

A Rational Leader
After much effort, Sakthivel’s entrepreneurial voyage passed the iceberg of acceptance. His affable conversation with the customers and personally guiding them throughout the process has been a major commitment in bringing a factor of assurance to Maantt. Sakthivel’s highly energetic team in their twenties has enthusiastically participated in writing his success story. Walking hand-in-hand with his employees, Sakthivel encourages creative thinking amid an atmosphere of freedom and flexibility. “When it comes to creativity our mantra is no limitation,” proclaims the humble & dynamic leader.

A quick & flexible learner of newer technologies, Sakthivel has

always followed an open door learning philosophy and utilizes mobile as a one-stop-solution for updating oneself with Google News Feed, Forbes and Gartner, not to mention the knowledge he gathers from his passionate team. Mastered the art of exploiting technology to maximize his time by 3x,he doesn’t have the challenge of spending quality time for work or family. Also a member of NASSCOM, Sakthivel is a regular visitor of academic institutions wherein he connects & mentors young minds on how to build a purposeful career. Enjoying the perks of success every day, Sakthivel elucidates, "The journey so far is a joyful one because you know your destination and you are enjoying every step towards it".

Sakthivel is a noble CEO walking the path made with right decisions. To enrich employability of young value creators, he is building an eco-system with development engines like DeIXpro (skill development program creating employable workforce in technology in demand), BenchAway (a marketplace connecting young talent specializing in tech skill to organizations for short-term assignments) and Andhima (a platform providing online obituary and memorial services, with a e-Commerce engine to help needy people to raise money and other support required for last rites).

Business in Juncture with Books
As said, Camaraderie with books is never futile. Sakthivel, a bibliophilist, adopted scores of design principles from his favorite book 'Don't make me think’. While ‘Digital to the core’ written by Garnter Inc. taught him how to be leader in a digital era, his latest read was 'What to do when machines do every thing’ by Malcom Frank and Paul. Fervently believing in 'Thirukkural' philosophies, Sakthivel practices the life skill solutions in solving real life problems. He swiftly muddled through the complexities with conviction by executing the theories of worldly knowledge, ethical guidance and spiritual wisdom. “When it comes to delegation of work, Thirukkural offers simple solution viz: Only after defining the task, the process and identification of the individual capable of completing it, the task should be delegated to him,” concludes Sakthivel.