Schoolmart: Revamping Learning Experiences at Schools

 Vamsi M.,   CEOSchool is the second home! It lays the foundation of one's life by empowering and nurturing them, boosting their confidence, and teaching several life skills. As much as we understand the strong relationship between school and a child, it's crucial to ensure that your kid's school is a Happy Place. School and enjoyment might sound like a contradiction, but they do not have to be. With Schoolmart, it is possible to make kids enjoy schooling and the learning process. The CEO of Schoolmart, Vamsi M. says, "One essential thing old-fashioned schools neglect is that `kids love to play'. Most people spend their first job slaving away at a local restaurant or department store. But, if you're like Schoolmart, you will leave old fashioned classrooms, labs, libraries, or even office rooms. We are a kid's friendly school infrastructure company offering gamified experiences that let kids learn the way they wanted to”.

Being a single platform for all school innovations, the main motto of Schoolmart is to bring change in learning outcomes through ambient school infrastructure. Backed by seasoned architects, edtech professionals, school innovators, and sports enthusiasts, it is a one-stop shop for all school infra and tech needs. Speaking of the company's expertise, the founder remarks, "Setting up a complete school needs 100+ vendors, however, Schoolmart reduces the burden to the maximum extent with our in-house manufacturing facilities and ability to customize the products as per school's need.

A League of its Own
Since its inception in 2016, the company has always been striving for innovation in school architecture, school technology and the design & execution of labs, libraries, ICT labs, sports infra, dining areas, and recreational spaces. Over the past six years, the company has evolved considerably and the team has been involved in some incredible projects.
Under the able leadership of Vamsi M(founder) and two other partners, Schoolmart has expanded its operations in GCC and Africa regions as well.

In the wake of the pandemic, when education witnessed a great digital transition, Schoolmart introduced the concept of PHYGITAL [physical + digital] schools. Starting from a reputed school chain in Lucknow, Schoolmart's architects and innovators are transforming several schools across the country into `Phygital' schools. "Digital transformation in schools is no more a choice, it is the need of the hour, and fortunately it is a billion dollar opportunity as well. The PHYGITAL schools are equipped with newly introduced personalized technology, nano courses, flipped classrooms, animated tuitions, phygital furniture, phygital labs, discovery pod, English village, Mathematica (most of these are gamified environments using technology)".

With the aid of technology and unconventional methods, Schoolmart's DISCOVERYPOD aids science learning in a gamified approach. With ENGLISH VILLAGE, the company aims to use an interactive teaching approach to make English classes more interesting. Moreover, to facilitate an interactive math environment MATHEMATICA has been developed by Schoolmart.

Schoolmart’s strategic manufacturing and innovations partnerships would raise to 200+ all across the world

So far, Schoomart has served more than 200 clients including schools, NGOs, and government departments. The company is gearing up to launch gamified content mapped to the demands of National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Right from phygital classroom solutions to introducing BALA concepts (BUILDING AS A LEARNING AID), expanding to Vietnam, and increasing partner schools across India the company has a lot of aspirations for the near future.

Embracing Innovations
Schoolmart has always been at the fore front of innovation! Imbibing in immense research activities, the dextrous team of the company has travelled extensively across the world to study the best schools, infrastructure, and learning methodologies. The team highlights, “Most of our products are innovative and uniquely designed to offer student-friendly environments. From design to execution, Schoolmart offers out-of-the-box solutions to influence student performance. All of our solutions are focused on creating environments that are interactive, while reducing stress on educators.