Senseacre Labs: Pioneering the Precision Agriculture Space with Technology Integration & Proven Delivery Assurance Capabilities

Vinod Kuar S,Founder & CEO

Vinod Kuar S

Founder & CEO

Through the twentieth century, piloted aircraft made far greater progress than drones. During the twenty first century, on the other hand, changes in both drone technologies and drone economics have been much more rapid. This gave way to extraordinary innovation thereby widening the scope of application of drones. Hyderabad headquartered Senseacre Labs is a visual intelligence company having expertise in drones and sensors integration across industry verticals, and also happens to be the first 10 band multispectral aerial imagery provider for precision agriculture in India.

Recalling the recent developments and its projected benefits, Vinod Kumar Samanthula, Managing Partner of Senseacre Labs says, "In the last 24 months, DGCA and MOCA of Government of India have taken extra ordinary policy decisions to ease compliance of flying drones in India. This has given a very positive outlook towards manufacturing ecosystem and also commercial business models being developed by startups. If this momentum continues within all the stake holders and ecosystem, India has a great opportunity to become self-sufficient with drones manufacturing and assembly". Rightly so, after such reforms, defense establishments had given a positive supply order for Indian OEMs and there is amazing potential in agriculture for crop health monitoring and spraying, Irrigation, Construction Monitoring across Infrastructure (Road, Rail, Power, Housing, Commercial), Renewable Energy (Solar and Wind) etc. Senseacre takes pride in its continuous innovation for integration of sensors and drones for specific problems like weed detection, pest detection, Climate Change Resilience which includes capture of Methane and other gases in pollution management in water and agriculture. These will be game changers and applied globally.

In an exceptional feat, Senseacre Labs integrated 10 band multispectral sensor to its own hexacopter drone and successfully executed flights with speed, scale and accuracy. In true precision agriculture sense, Senseacre Labs has demonstrated a 36 minutes drone endurance and covered 100 acres per flight. "We are again the first to process 10 band multispectral aerial imagery of 100 acres each with 24 hours of capture time, analyze and publish outcomes", adds Vinod.

Technologies For The Future Of Agri
Deep Vision and Close sensing are the latest offerings. This involves high resolution image processing with high performance computing while using AI/ML algorithms for detection and annotation. With the first of its kind 10 band multispectral imagery, Senseacre is able to capture decent insights in water, soil, plant, crop and close sense weed & pest early to save crops and assure less inputs of agrochemicals. At the same time, it reduces consumption of water with better irrigation management to farmers.

In an exceptional feat, senseacre labs integrated 10 band multi spectral sensor to its own hexacopter drone and successfully executed flights with speed, scale and accuracy

Senseacre exercises DAN compliance of DGCA for the hexacopter drones with multiple payloads. Meanwhile, as a self-declaration, the firm is only executing projects in the green zone as prescribed in Digital Sky. Commercial models are also developed to create rural entrepreneurship and generate employment at panchayat level. "All the drone startups and enthusiasts should comply to the interactive air maps and be self-disciplined in flying drones safely", expresses Vinod.

Senseacre has also built expertise in sensors integration to payloads like high resolution RGB, 5 band Multispectral, 10 band Multi spectral, Thermal and LIDAR. This is unique to Sense acre team, given the exceptional high performance infrastructure and process IP that Senseacre has successfully created to ensure smooth execution at each site with near real time deliverables. The firm uses Intel core i7, Nvidia Geforce RTX build laptop with necessary aerial image processing software's installed. This is in line with Sense acre's vision to target 100 acres process in 24 hours. This will also create a model where rural employment for image processing can also be accelerated with Senseacre solution. One Pilot and One Process expert as a team to Plan FlyCapture Process Analyse Publish locally.

Sharing his thoughts on the pain points Senseacre has addressed, Vinod says, "Any saving to farmer in reducing input costs, better water management, better yield and healthy crop is a positive outcome. These technologies are evolving and new to Indian market. Any positive message in any form to farmers, governments, FPOs, Cooperative societies, Corporates in food business, agrochemicals will create positive outcomes. Also, with Climate Change Resilience these technologies which can provide evidence for care and cure with metrics will have greater adoption as we progress". So far, Senseacre has delivered some exceptional programs to University of Stirling, Scotland, ICRISAT, Govt of Karnataka, NABARD, PJTSAU, IDE Technologies, Israel, Agrowing Israel and many more. "We are happy that we are recognized internationally for our visual intelligence solutions", concludes Vinod.

Senseacre had recently expanded their board with highly qualified and experience professionals from wide sectors of Software, Security& Compliance, Environment, Management and Business globally.