Shri Parth Petrochem: Driving the Business Growth through Customer-centricity & Innovation

Sandip Patil,  Proprietor

Sandip Patil


Valued at $44.41 billion in FY22, the crude oil and petroleum products market is one of the key contributors to India's GDP. The exports of petroleum products from India reached 62.7 MMT in FY22. One of the key segments in the crude oil and petroleum market is oil refinery plant manufacturers and exporters. And Shri Parth Petrochem is one of the leading players in this segment, not just in India but across the globe. Operating out from Vadodara, Gujarat, the company has been able to develop into one of the most preferred petroleum refinery and turnkey base Project Suppliers in filed of Extraction, Sulphonation, and Distillation across the world. The commitment to never compromise on the quality of their services and their passion for constant innovation have been the two primary catalysts behind the company's sustained success since their inception in 2008.

Carving out a Niche through Diversified Services
To cater to the varied requirements of their clients, the company has created a diversified products portfolio that includes Aromatic Solvents offered by Shri Parth Petrochem can service a myriad of application in plethora of industries including: paintings and coatings, printing inks, agrochemicals, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and wood preservative to name a few. When it comes to bio diesel, the company has their own refinery through which they are supplying bio diesel to IOCL/BPCL/HPCL and helping Country to achieve seven per cent Bio Diesel Blending Programme.

Biodiesel has its benefits: reduced life cycle of green fuel gases by an impressive 86 percent, reduced CO2 smoke and smog, safer to transport and handle, low maintenance, better milage, and more power. The other impressive fact about the bio diesel offered by the company is that they are made from Waste of vegetable oils and Fats oils. The company offers fuel oil which is a fraction that is obtained from petroleum distillation and the fuel oil which is offered by Shri Parth Petrochem can be used as boiler fuel, furnace oil, and heating oil.

Glycerine offered by the company has diverse industrial applications and can be used as emulsifier and humectant in cosmetics, sweetening agent, foods and beverages, and as preservatives to name a few. Other than that, the water binding tendency of the
glycerin also make it useful in the preparation of anti-static and antifogging additives. The ink oils that Shri Parth Petrochem produces can be used in the manufacturing and processing of print inks. Other than these, the company also deals with the production of Mineral Turpentine Oil, N ­ Paraffin, and Rolling Oil. Shri Parth Petrochem is an ISO certified company and they have a separate team of experts ensuring the quality of each of their products and owing to the consistent quality of their products, the company has not only been able to build a positive reputation in the industry but they have also been able to create a niche in the market.

Aiming to stay ahead of the curve, the company is adding more raw materials for the bio fuel side and they are coming up with cashew nut shell oil, Palm Residue oil, Black Soldier Fly oil, algae-based oil, Mango Pills, Bamboo Based Ethanol, and so on

Turn-key Projects of the Highest Quality
Other than the afore mentioned products, Shri Parth Petrochem is a pioneer when it comes to delivering projects of the highest quality. Growing from humble beginnings, over a decade since its inception, Shri Parth Petrochem has successfully undertaken projects in many locations in India as well as outside the country in Bahrain, and Nigeria as well. The company helps their clients with bio diesel manufacturing unit, bioethanol manufacturing unit, crude distillation unit, multi product distillation refinery, and used oil and waste oil refinery, essential oils/perfumes aroma manufacturing units, Adding more about their operations in the projects vertical, says "We ensure that we deliver the projects that we undertake quickly and the batch times of many other suppliers are longer when compared to us. Procuring raw materials is a major concern for our customers and to overcome this challenge, we systematically help them when it comes to finding places from where they could source the raw materials. The other concern they have is in regards of licenses, and here, we hand hold them through the entire licensing process. Then, we also make sure that our customers get registered with PSUs so that they can regularly supply them their finished products. Apart from that, we train the employees of our customers because many of their employees lack the proper experience in this arena".

Shri Parth Petrochem has an inhouse production unit which occupies 1 lakh sq. ft and aside from that, they also manufacture the machineries inhouse as well. Other than that, the company has an independent testing house where the machineries they manufacture are tested and the outputs of these machines are designed in a highly scientific way to ensure reliability and better performance. Aiming to stay ahead of the curve, the company is adding more raw materials for the bio fuel side and they are coming up with cashew nut shell oil, Palm residue oil, Black Soldier Fly oil and algae-based oil also. In the ethanol side, Shri Parth Petrochem is coming up with new innovations which can be revolutionary in the industry. Apart from that, the company is also planning to expand into more areas, add more machineries and refineries to their portfolio, and expand their geographical presence even more. More importantly, Shri Parth Petrochem is aiming to come out with their IPO in the near future as well and take the company to a new level.