Snehal Jain: The Lady of Light for Women Entrepreneurs

Snehal Jain,Founder & CEO

Snehal Jain

Founder & CEO

Steve Jobs believed, "You need to have a collaborative hiring process". In the kindred essence, 'a perfect recruitment', which is a fusion of candidates' aptitude and a company's vision, is the core essence of any organization to take the dream forward. Yet, in the process of fulfilling recruitment demands, the concept is now lost, leaving a gap between a probable employee and a corporate. Being in the HR profession for a decade, Snehal Jain, Founder & CEO, Human Forte, from her experience realized the dearth of perfect recruitment where a candidate is on the way to tie knots with the company and its visions.

An Uphill Journey for Entrepreneur Snehal
However, the transformation from an employee to the founder has not been very facile for Snehal as she had to battle for prospective clients amidst stiff resources. Snehal integrates, "The challenge was to put everything you have at stake to make it a success and to make it big. The kind of market and the situation I started in, was not at all in favor of the way you expect things to be otherwise".
Additionally, she also faced an uphill professional task of supplying required talents. "As a workforce requirement, there is a tight timeline plus a mismatch between what an organization is anticipating and what they're getting. Therefore, I decided to opt for a different path, providing quality, although it was time-taking. The best weapon in my artillery is So-Hi, my acronym for social hiring," expounds Snehal.

Snehal's deep domain expertise and continous learning traits have always been the firepower for her company motivating conventional HR professionals

Yet, with disposition to surmount tough situation and maintaining backup plans for coming days, she has managed all by herself with the support from her team and family. Her deep domain expertise and continuous learning trait have always been the firepower for her company besides motivating conventional HR professionals.

Also, her being a people's person she has always earned support in her professional and personal life. Snehal integrates, "I stalwartly trust that it is all around PEOPLE (The candidates), YOU (The companies I work with) & US (Human Forte). I believe if I endeavour to help companies find
right set of candidates helping them set a substructure for growth, it will be threefold success. But, if you do not have the right people, an organization cannot endure and sprout. It is people who make or break the organization".

Her Strength to Explore & Achieve
Albeit it is appallingly arduous to manage family, a little baby and office altogether, Snehal has not only managed to sail through these difficulties, she has also led her company to be successful crossing international boundries. She claims,"My family has been the backbone for me. And, my daughter Myra has been the biggest reason for me to grow as a person professionally and personally. She helped me understand that patience is the key".

Yet, this fun-loving entrepreneur has been down-to-earth living a very simple life, simple diet with her affections towards Apple devices. While, the peregrinations of motherhood, CEO and being the 'home-minister' of the family has been enthralling, Snehal wants to explore herself and wants her daughter to be strong and confident to follow her dreams, as she she believes, "If you don't chase your dreams, you can never be happy". As we look at Snehal, we understand that women are the most powerful creation. Her enthusiasm, managing efficiencies, and living every bit of a woman's life will set examples for other entrepreneurs irrespective of men and women.