Sodexo BRS India: Promising Superior Employee Experiences at the Workplace and Beyond

By Anish Sarkar,  CEOOffering high salary in a job advertisement instead of employee benefits can often draw more applicants towards the job opening, but what will eventually help in retaining the employees is the numerous benefits that a company offers to its clients post hiring. Starting its operations in 1997, Sodexo BRS India was setup with the objective of improving the quality of life of clients(organizations), consumers (employees) and merchants. “The meal law permitted 50 rupees per day for all salaried employees. However, companies were not making the best of the meal law policy which could enable employees to save more taxes over and above 80C & 80D. Sodexo’s meal benefit solution, the vouchers were accepted on Sodexo’s proprietary network for the consumption of food and non-alcoholic beverages. This made the usage of the meal benefits compliant within Sodexo’s network.

Going Digital on Demand
The paper format of the Sodexo vouchers were very cumbersome to carry for consumers and time consuming to distribute every month for companies. In the case of smaller companies, especially SMEs, the cost of shipping the vouchers was also prohibitive, making it less attractive for them. Taking note of this Sodexo then launched the Sodexo Meal Pass, a digital card that was personalized with employee name and company name. This card could be used at Sodexo affiliated outlets only for purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages. This digital solution made it easy for companies to administer the meal benefit. Consumers loved it & SMEs can now avail this benefit as well.

“The Sodexo card also gets auto linked to the state-of-the-art app where consumers have complete control over their card view transaction history on the go, access deals & discounts, block or unblock card and make mobile based payments. With this the consumers of Sodexo have enjoyed greater freedom and superior experience. Our App is the highest rated app in employee benefits with 4.4-star rating. Today, we are a name trusted by over 11,000 clients across public and private sectors. Our flagship meal benefits are accepted across 1,00,000+ unique points of acceptance and our expertise is recognized by three million daily users. This makes us Sodexo, the most trusted company in employee experience,” speaks Anish Sarkar CEO, Sodexo BRS India.
Today Sodexo BRS India is a full digital employee benefits company with nextgen solutions like meal pass and cafeteria pass for meal benefits, premium pass for incentives and recognition the gift card is accepted on 36 lakh outlets and 90,000+ online portals on the Rupay Network. The newly launched Multi Benefit Pass is a revolutionary solution where organizations can deliver all types of employee benefits like meal, gift fuel, telecom learning & development, books & periodicals and more with just one card. Also, with this card, employees don’t have to collate and submit paper bills anymore. Users can raise their claims via the mobile app or simply use the pre loaded money from specific benefit accounts, as defined by their company. Sodexo Multi Benefit Pass can be used at Sodexo affiliated outlets to avail meal benefits with just a swipe or one can dip the chip based card at any of the Rupay accepted outlets to avail non-meal/other benefits like fuel telecom and more.

Sodexo BRS India offers nextgen solutions which are accepted on 36 lakh outlets and 90,000+ online portals on the Rupay Network

A B2B company with a B2B2C focus, Sodexo BRS India aims to deliver superior employee experience to the employees of our clients both at the workplace and beyond. To ensure high-quality services, the firm has adopted the most sophisticated technology in India to enhance the employee experience. Sodexo BRS India has launched India’s first ever 2-in-1 multi benefit pass which works on Sodexo’s proprietary network for meal benefits and Rupay’s wide network for non meal benefits. This enhances employee productivity as employees don’t have to submit paper bills anymore. Adding to this Anish mentions, “Our 24x7 Dedicated Contact Centre has been certified by COPC, which is an industry benchmark on the standards of Customer Service Operations. This certification reinforces our commitment towards a service-oriented approach and to provide our users with a faster resolution leading to a satisfying experience”.

Committed to Delivering the Best
Sodexo’s single minded focus on enhancing the quality of life of the employees of its customers using the most sophisticated technology makes it the most trusted partner in the employee benefits segment. Its core values including Service Spirit, Team Spirit and Spirit of Progress, the employees of Sodexo are constantly driven towards delivering the Quality of Life promise. With its digital first mindset coupled with strong consumer focus over the last three years has enabled Sodexo BRS India to grow significantly in the era of digital transformation. Some of the major names that Sodexo BRS India has served over the past few years include LIC, RBI, NTPC, NABARD in the public sector, while some of the marquee clients from the private sectors are IBM, Wipro, Citibank, Capgemini, and Deloitte, among many others.

“We have consolidated our market leadership in the employee benefits space, despite stiff competition from traditional as well as new age competitors. Innovation has been a strong focus area for Sodexo, as demonstrated by the launch of the first-of-its-kind Multi benefit Pass. The company is working towards several developments in the wellness space that will further enhance its Quality of Life Proposition,” shares Anish. Sodexo BRS India has been at the forefront of driving superior employee experience at the workplace and beyond with its digital first initiatives and quality of life services promise. The firm will constantly strive to add more to its offerings.

Anish is as seasoned leader with two decades’of experience in business and technology transformation along with a strong focus on business building and revenue growth in a digital world. He has a B. Tech degree from IIT Kharagpur, and an MBA degree from IIM Calcutta. In his spare time, Anish likes to write fiction and has published two thriller novels.

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