Spinny: Making Car Buying Delightful for the New Age Customer

Niraj Singh,Founder & CEO

Niraj Singh

Founder & CEO

The Indian used car market has recently witnessed an unprecedented boom and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15 percent in the coming years. In financial year 2018, the pre-owned car market sales crossed four million units, overtaking the new car market for the first time. With this growth percentage showing no sign of slowing down, many players have entered the India pre-owned car segment. Spinny was founded into the used car industry in 2015 by Niraj Singh (CEO), Ramanshu Mahaur (CTO), and Mohit Gupta (COO). The firm was set- up with a mission to resolve the pertaining trust issues in the otherwise disorganized used car sector in the country. With a vision to bridge the industry gap with high quality offerings and assurance of after sales services, Spinny has been taking away the risks of buying a pre-owned car by offering peace of mind with zero compromise.

Each Spinny car is selected through a strict 200 point inspection check and comes standard with a 5 day money back guarantee and a 1-year service warranty

Along with his team of skilled professionals, Spinny takes unique approach to meet the requirements of customers and gain their trust. Elaborating further, Niraj Singh, CEO, Spinny says, “A recent study suggests that majority of used car buyers are not satisfied with their overall experience of buying used cars. We entered the market slowly and steadily, understanding the needs & wants of the customers, and this approach has helped us satisfy our customers through our services. We wanted to attract the new age buyer and did that by focusing on our three strong points of transparent and trust-worthy services, seamless over all experience, and supportive staff. Today, we are an end-to-end service provider, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to meeting our customers’ requirements.

A True Pioneer in this Space
Spinny is able to provide a complete package of services right from car discovery and selection to test drive and purchase complimented with after sales warranty and support. Another important aspect that differentiates Spinny is the fact that it only
it only deals in top quality cars, almost rejecting 4 out of every 5 cars that it inspects. Every car goes through strict 200 point inspection check to make it through Spinny's inventory. Then, after acquiring the cars, the company conducts a rigorous 200 point inspection of the cars and makes sure that there are no issues with the vehicle. As of now, Spinny is fully stacked online to offline service provider in the industry, and customers can get all the details about the cars from their mobile devices itself. The prices of the cars on their website are also quoted using technical methods and it is not made on subjective decisions. “At Spinny, we have the highest quality cars which are sourced through a meticulously designed screening process. Our teams of expert mechanics ensure that each car chosen by the customers has passed comprehensive mechanical and cosmetic inspection. Our quality obsessiveness leaves nothing to chance, meaning complete peace of mind for you,” mentions Niraj.

Many dealers will think that selling the car to the customer is the end. But Spinny sees the sales as the beginning of a beautiful relationship. After selling the car to the customers, Spinny offers a five day money back guarantee and a comprehensive one year warranty which helps the firm increase the confidence of the customers.

Ensuring Delightful Customer Experiences
At the core of all the services provided by Spinny are its employees, and the company values its employees as its most priced asset. The expert team is thorough with market trends and equipped with impeccable technical knowledge which has helped the firm satisfy customers across segments. “We are clearly conscious of the fact that to satisfy our customers, the same sentiments should flow through our organization. For that, we make sure that we only hire people who can go in sync with our vision, and this helps to create a solid team that is working towards achieving a common objective. We ensure that we provide our employees with the best work environment and work culture, which in turns helps us get the best out of our team,” says Niraj.

The strong support from their staff along with their obsession towards customer satisfaction has helped Spinny gain loyalty and advocacy from its customers.

Quick Facts:
An enthusiastic entrepreneur by nature, Niraj Singh is an alumnus of IIT Delhi. Prior to Spinny, Niraj had co-founded two startups Locus Education and Tech Monkey. Also, he's been an early stage investor in multiple startups including Little Black Book, Rapido bike taxi and Tripoto.

Office Locations: Delhi NCR, Bengaluru & Hyderabad