Superwaveinfra: Leveraging Smart Technology to Create a Smart Future

Piyuesh Sharma, Sales & ITs Head

Piyuesh Sharma

Sales & ITs Head

The impact of IoT on modern civilization cannot be turned a blind eye. In some way or the other, it has empowered us to connect with our devices and surroundings. By leveraging this technology, cities are now trying and making an effort to become ‘smart' rather than just being titled as developed. Smart cities are being built all over the country to improve living conditions and pave the path for the economy's brighter future. The smart city IoT solutions aim at creating future cities that enhance infrastructure & environment, promote economic growth, and digitally optimize public assets while maintaining smooth business operations. One emerging leader that offers turnkey IoT and IT hardware highway infrastructure solutions is a New Delhi-headquartered company Superwave Communication and Infra solution Pvt. Ltd. Debuted in 2016, SCAIPL is the brainchild of Anshuman Singh. The company's unmatched expertise revolves around providing highway solutions such as Toll Management Systems, Intelligent Lighting Solutions, Smart City Solutions, Vehicle Tracking Systems, Highway Traffic Management Systems and many more. Superwaveinfra has completed more than 1000 km of projects with over 10,000 light poles and 500 lanes to date.

The Dynamics Of Success
Concentrating on its three soul elements Quality, Commitment, and Consistency, SCAIPL offers inhouse inbuild software and services to its clients. "For delivering a project, we keep these three values in our minds. Firstly, never compromise on quality. Secondly, commitment we firmly believe that it is crucial to always stick to your word. And thirdly, consistently delivering quality and commitment. These values help us to stand a cut above the rest," affirms Piyuesh Sharma, Sales & ITS Head of SCAIPL. Superwaveinfra gets several repeat projects from a single client by adhering to these values. For instance, Montecarlo Limited, one of the construction giants, has given SCAIPL over ten projects. Another client, Gawar Construction Limited, has given more than eight projects. The company is also working with some of the best and marquee names in the construction sector, including Krishna Constructions, IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. NHAI, and many more. Currently,
Superwaveinfra is working on two government organization projects one for lighting from IRCON International Ltd. and the other is the longest 340.8 km of Purvanchal Expressway from UPEIDA. SCAIPL is executing project on a pan India basis. With the kind of roads and the multitude of expressways being developed, the highway industry is flourishing, and Superwaveinfra offers best in class inhouse Made-in-India solutions. The company has its manufacturing unit located in Gurgaon. SCAIPL also has its R&D team that develops and tests every product before launching at the site.

With the kind of roads and the multitude of expressways being developed, the highway industry is flourishing, and superwaveinfra offers best-in-class in-house made-in-india solutions

Crafting A Culture Where People Love Working
With a humble beginning, Superwaveinfra has traveled a long way to grow to a team of over 200+ professionals. The team at SCAIPL consists of seasoned veterans who bring to the table more than a decade of proven experience in the domain. The company takes great pride in the perfect execution of all its deliver ables. An eye for detail, flawless teamwork, a no compromise attitude, a passion for putting the best into every task and the desire to overcome every challenge all contribute to this level of excellence. ‘Our employees are our strength' so says the actions at SCAIPL, who is an equal opportunity employer. To keep its employees motivated and engaged, the company has crafted a vibrant, lively, and sincere work environment. People working at SCAIPL essentially work for themselves because each task provides a unique insight into themselves, making them feel enriched and valued with each passing day. A can do attitude fills in the atmosphere inspiring and motivating every employee for every job.

"We transform your vision into creative results. Having experts in our team is helping us to cement our position in the industry, which also helps us forge ahead in becoming the market leaders. Safety is the heart and soul of SCAIPL, practiced habitually by all employees. Protecting the well being of both employees and customers is ingrained in our culture," he adds. For a clear plan, Superwaveinfra has a crystal clear mindset. The company is expecting to make inroads into the Smart City and urban city projects on a short term basis. SCAIPL is also looking forward to establishing itself as a pan India and international infrastructure technology giant in the long run. The company also envisions becoming an Rs.100 crore company this fiscal year.

Piyuesh Sharma, Sales & Its Head
Piyuesh handles responsibility covering the sales & ITS at Superwaveinfra. Prior to joining the company as Head of the Department, he holds a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow. Piyuesh firmly believes that one of the keys to leadership is to recognize that everyone has gifts and talents, and good leaders will learn how to harness those gifts toward the same goal.