Syntrans F2f Logistics: Pioneering Transport Market through Advanced Logistics Tech

Suhas Labde,  Managing Director

Suhas Labde

Managing Director

Asia Pacific is expected to have the largest market size for the logistics industry, as stringent measures to contain the pandemic outbreak have now been lifted. With `Project Main Equipment' becoming big in size and heavy in weight, customers prefer the entire responsibility of logistics to be under one roof, avoiding friction amongst various agencies and functions. But the Indian logistics market is still marred with problems like high logistics costs, lack of automation and poor infrastructure. Therefore, there is a need for logistics startups to offer factory-to-foundation transport solutions to take care of end-to-end responsibility of logistics assignment.

Based out of Mumbai, Syntrans F2F Logistics is an end-to-end logistics company that is driven by the mission to address these unsettled industry issues through advanced and innovative transport engineering solutions. Syntrans F2F works with their clients to devise personalized transport systems that effectively address critical and complicated logistics challenges.

Talking about the current market scenario for the Indian logistics industry, Managing Director Suhas Labde says, "Average Logistics cost in India is 13-14 percent as against global average of 6-7 percent. Indian players will be able to compete with international companies only if we are at par with global standards in terms of percent logistics spend. However, with capacity expansions planned for many refineries, TPPs as well as new wind farms across several states, we see great potential for specialized transportation in the future in India. Whether it is critical project movements or non-critical cargo, our team at Syntrans F2F always strives to come up with innovative solutions to offer effective trackable results at competitive prices".

Transforming Indian Transport Infrastructure
Since its inception in 2020, Syntrans F2F logistics has been striving to create a professional globally recognized `Transport Engineering' set up which will adhere to all technical requirements of all the elements of critical transports. The young and capable team of engineers at Syntrans are trained to study every possible parameter of the Transport challenge, to devise customized and effective logistical solutions for the client. This aspect clearly distinguishes the firm from most of the LSPs who just focus on ready made traditional solutions.

Some of the services offered by Syntrans F2F include end-to-end logistics, specialized transportation, site handling & erection, transport engineering, warehousing & distribution, as well as transport audit & compliance management. Additionally, their solutions are enabled with latest technologies like GPS tracking interface, Google mapping, compliance audit and transport engineering technologies inhouse.

Shedding light on business values and how Syntrans F2F manages to meet client
expectations, Suhas says, "Customer expectations always revolve around cost effectiveness and time bound quality solutions. To match up with client expectations we as a team abide by the business rule `What is fast and best cannot be cheap, what is cheap and fast cannot be best'. We at Syntrans F2F Logistics strike a balance between clients' expectation and the cost effectiveness with customized transport solutions which are simplified with the help of innovative engineering."

The Road Ahead
Though the beginnings were humble, Syntrans has managed to witness considerable growth in a short span through employing strategic business decisions. Since inception, Syntrans F2F has worked with an intent to have an asset lite model so that more cash flow is available towards working capital. However, boasting an intelligent asset mix allows the firm to achieve more flexibility in services and also have more control over operations.

Whether it is critical project movements or non-critical cargo, our team at Syntrans F2F always strives to come up with innovative solutions to offer effective trackable results at competitive prices

Talking about future plans for the firm, Suhas concludes, "We at Syntrans F2F, want to create a highly disciplined, motivated and customer centric transport engineering and execution team which will cater not only to the Indian market but also to surrounding developing territories especially Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and others. Moreover, we are gradually adding a few specialized transportation equipment to our asset base, which will enable us to be less market dependent. We also wish to create a setup which will transfer knowledge and train people, customers to understand the criticality and technicalities of the supply chain. This may be realized in the form of periodic training and eventually by setting up a formal training institute”.