Take a Break Consulting: Taking Fun at Work to the Next Level

Abhimanyu Khanna,CEO, Co-Founder

Abhimanyu Khanna

CEO, Co-Founder

About a decade and a half ago, India had very few teambuilding companies. Moreover, most of the employee engagement programs that existed were involved in conducting a traditional form of team building restricted to employee engagement drills and presentations that end up repetitive and monotonous. Established in 2008, Take a Break Consulting was constituted with the prime focus of offering employee engagement solutions that are unique in nature, sessions that add fun and enjoyment at the workplaces. Initiated by Abhimanyu Khanna, a leader with deep hands-on practical experience of the Corporate culture, ever since its setup, Take a Break Consulting has consistently introduced innovative and lively team building programs that break away from the monotony by bringing employees together to share experiences that are fun, purposeful and make work life more memorable.

At the end of the day, employee engagement is more than just a simple pat on the back, and in the past thirteen and a half years, Take a Break Consulting has broken through all the conventional barriers of team building by hosting game shows, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, cooking shows, Virtual reality gaming, and numerous other creative endeavors to boost employee morale and cooperation at work. By strictly focusing on the experiences of the clients and by adding a personalized touch to each and every session, Take a Break has built up a formidable reputation in the Corporate outbound & Virtual Engagement domain. Through its unique approaches, the company has grown in leaps and bounds. Today, Take a Break Consulting holds the distinction of re-energizing the workforce of some of the biggest MNCs in the global arena from Europe to South East Asia. Take a Break tops the list in India when it comes to offering Virtual Team Building sessions, having conducted more than 750 virtual sessions in the past one-and-a-half year alone.

Technology Fueled Engagement Programs That Brings Out The Best In Employees
In most cases, corporates looking to boost workforce morale and engagement don't know what to do or how to go about it since there are so many similar programs in the market to choose from. This is where Take a
Break Consulting has stepped out of the box with a host of unique and creative concepts that are totally different from what's on offer in the market. For instance, the unique outbound program called the "Clash of Champions," which was awarded as the second best team building activity in 2018, turned out to be very appetizing for the ever growing Millennial workforce. That's not all. Take a Break also brings to the table some unique Treasure Hunt sessions, which are technology driven, where the company uses concepts similar to Pokémon Go!

Take a break consulting has broken through all the conventional barriers of team building

Take a Break incorporates the same technology in its Virtual Outbound Programmes as well. In terms of Virtual Programmes, Take a Break has emerged as the favorite in the Indian market with its action packed events ranging from Virtual Escape, Travel the World, Virtual Olympics, and many more. The recent Covid Pandemic has resulted in millions of employees switching over to remote work. With various virtual team building programs on offer, Take a Break is an ideal partner for remote team building and an excellent way to engage people and keep the company culture intact.

Additionally, Take a Break is India's first to introduce an exclusive team building app for conducting virtual programs. The company also has a web-based platform that facilitates direct employee engagements.

On average, corporate employees spend half of the waking hours of a day at work. In such a scenario, staying motivated and up for the task, every time at work can often be a challenge. This ultimately hampers teamwork, and as a result, has a detrimental impact on the final output. Take a break Consulting through its extraordinary & creative outbound programs ensures that workers stay connected with each other, ultimately contributing towards a memorable office experience.

Abhimanyu Khanna, CEO, Co-Founder, Take A Break Consulting
A business graduate, Abhimanyu is passionate for excellence and about everything he does which makes him different from the rest. His ambition, hard work, dedication towards work and his endearment towards his team is the key to his success. His experience of building and leading teams enables him to bring simple yet powerful leadership, management and team building lessons to the programs he conducts. His excellent eye for detail and spark to invent every minute makes Abhimanyu dynamic.

Awards & Achievements
•Awarded with the best employee engagement solution provider in the world for 2021 by a Premiere UK based Magazine.
•Most preferred Virtual Outbound Teambuilding facilitators in India with over 750 plus engagements in the past one year.
•The unique concept of "Clash of Champions"­ awarded as the second-best team building programme on a global scale.
•Featured in the Hindustan Times