Tech4serve: Creating Successful F&B Businesses with its Turnkey Solutions

Hitesh Tripathi, CEOIn a country with 133 crore population, food is a big business in India. But then we often hear stories about big and small restaurants shutting their businesses, or failing to expand their presence beyond their first store. A remarkable business idea does not guarantee a successful business it needs a strategically discussed and well thought business plan. From curating menu to service and delivery, every small aspect of the industry plays a pivotal role in transforming a food business into a chain of businesses. F&B consultants indeed are the quintessential of the success story. But most of these consultants are expert in one segment or work in small domains like consultant for kitchen, recipe, marketing, or HR and others. Tech4serve brings them all under one roof, acting as a company offering food processing consultancy and F&B consulting services along with business planning.

Established in 2011, the firm is flourishing under the aegis of Hitesh Tripathi(CEO), who is an executive member of The Society of Indian Bakers and is extensively rewarded for his contribution to the industry. Whether it’s developing new products from the concept to launch, improving established ranges, or consulting existing project, Tech4serve manages everything smartly and efficiently. Today, Tech4serve is predominantly renowned as a turnkey project consulting company that renders operation, human resource, business & marketing strategy, hand holding, infrastructure IT, logistic, waste & operational control, quality recruitment and training services under one umbrella for various food industries.

Overcoming Industry Barrier
Most F&B startups fail due to improper planning, lack of cash flow due to over budgeting capex and under budgeting opex. But with Tech4serve’s clear, strong & tactical fund management, strategies, and process flow, food & hospitality ventures are not only able to deliver world class products & services to its clients but also establish themselves as a viable brand in the industry. Even established players reach a level of saturation or they are unable to grow further, Tech4Serve helps them expand out of their comfort zone and grow. “Our core ideology is to craft unique business idea and transform one’s dream and love for food into a business. We do a detailed ground study on
feasibility of the project and then only take it up. We don’t work on all the projects which come to us,” says Hitesh.

Dedicated Workforce
Envisioned to create promising F&B experience for brands, Tech4serve team of food technologists, MBA & quality professionals, chefs and workers (one of the biggest team in the industry)leaves no stone unturned to fulfill the customer’s dream. These experts not only plug-in all loose points in the project from conception to completion stage, but also maintain transparency throughout the process. On the flip side, Tech4serve invests huge time & resources on its new employees and strives hard to bestow them friendly as well as homely working environment. At the company, new joiners are given sufficient training and allotted individual projects only after being familiar with company’s core operations. These trainees are coached under operational head for eight to ten months and impelled to take small tasks such as monitoring operations, writing MoM, recording data and other activities during training session. Leveraging their deep understanding and know how, Tech4serve team has helped clients like Britannia, The Bread Basket Bikaner, Temptations, TGB and many more sail successfully in F&B industry. Tech4Serve is the master consulting partner of one of Austria’s biggest coffee chain in India. One of the outlets for this brand has already become operational now.

We are totally committed towards brands, take ownership and pride working with them. We call ourselves Brand Creating Brands

All projects are led under the strict guidance of Hitesh, resulting in 100 percent success rate of Tech4serve. “We are totally committed towards brands, take ownership and pride working with them. We call ourselves Brand Creating Brands. We give entire fame & credit to clients and take whole responsibility of mistake and see our success in their success,” he adds.

Upcoming Innovations
The brand is working on Vegan range of beverages and will be launching a whole new category of vegan beverages for the first time in India. These drinks are not only great substitutes of milk but are more nutritious than normal cow/buffalo milk and is helpful for people suffering from lactose intolerance. All new variants of drinks will be free from preservatives & added sugar(or minimum) and available in Indian market from March 2020. Besides focus towards replacing the normal snacks to healthy snacking has made us work on idea of launching a whole new range of such products.

Tech4Serve specializes in bakery café and retail chain(completed 75+ projects in bakery industry). Currently working on 18 projects, the company that delivers 20-25 projects annually is planning to implement hub spoke model and expand its footprint in international market with new international business domain. “As a benchmark I would like to forecast Tech4serve as an organization of commitment dedications, honesty and transparency,” concludes Hitesh.

An IIM-Lucknow alumnus who is passionate towards the food industry has kick-started his entrepreneurial journey in 2011 with Tech4serve. Hitesh has worked with firms like Biocon, ITC and Olam International Singapore.

Offices: Delhi, Lucknow & Mumbai

Services: Commercial Plants, Bakery, Café, Restaurant, QSR, Indian Sweets/Beverages, Namkeen Manufacturing, Laboratory Setup, Cold Storage, Brand & Event Management, Business Coaching, Management Consulting, Agri Processing and Functional Food Ingredients