Tecqnio Global Solutions: Offers Holistic Solutions for IT Infrastructure by Selling and Renting IT Products

Hemanth Gowda N,The OwnerRefurbished electronic products are becoming essential for the corporate world today. Many companies in India today are reliant on refurbished computers as it offers relentless services as same as a new computer. Tecqnio Global Solutions offer the selling of laptops, desktop and work station servers along with IT infrastructure. Established in 2016 with a vision and commitment to make IT Infrastructure, Surveillance Security Solutions simpler and affordable, the company experts in putting life into functionally paralyzed IT assets and also rent IT hardware equipment such as laptops, desktops and servers of all leading brands.

"We provide customized hardware solutions encompassing both sales and rental. The core of our business philosophy is to offer only the best and functionally robust systems to take care of all our clients' IT hardware necessities," says Hemanth Gowda N, the Owner and Founder Tecqnio Global Solutions. Armed with a dedicated service team to handle all kinds of queries, the company offers remote support, telephone support, onsite support whenever required. All its products are sold with one year warranty with the availability of an immediate spare part replacement.

Tecqnio has become a service powerhouse within a span of five years making it easier for different verticals of different industries to develop solutions including fabrication and re-engineering of laptop bodies, system automation, renting and leasing IT hardware, cutting edge service in multiple locations. The engineers at Tecqnio Global are trained to provide proactive services to its customers
and groom them with a culture of knowledge that helps make the lives of its customers easy and hassle free. "Our core strength is inlaptop service and leasing IT hardware adding value to every aspect of our customers' business," Hemanth adds. From offering desktops on rent, the company also provides handy whenever a business makes a stop gap arrangement for desktops. It helps in optimizing capex and provides customized solutions in desktops from leading brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP, IBM, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, etc. "Desktops are provided according to the needs of our customers both with our without the operating systems," Hemanth confirms. These desktops are however sold at an affordable price and all types of temporary desktop needs can be managed and arranged by the company.

The engineers at tecqnio global are trained to provide proactive services to their customers

All its fleet of servers is built for different kinds of businesses including high scalability, performance, functionality, and security. Its servers from companies like Dell, HP, IBM, etc are run on AIX (UNIX), WINDOWS SERVER OS, and LINUX. They are built with powerpack processor cores and aligned with a maximum memory along with obtaining the flexibility to flip processors, memory and change functioning from system to system as per the application demands. Tecqnio's expertise team design, and manage different complexities of LAN, WAN, all kinds of guidelines for system operations and security policies for all its

customers. "We listen to our client's business requirements before recommending them a holistic solution and provide them with sufficient flexibility ensuring their future expansion," Hemanth explains. Tecqnio also ensures the right architecture of wires for all its customers' businesses including the right impulse always. Along with designing the right implementation of wired networks, the company has provided its valuable services to World Resource Institute India Unlimited, Plymarc, Changed JAR, Bounce, USL ,Hindu Group and many other corporate companies. It is now planning to come with a retail concept where everyone can purchase their laptops. "We want every individual to have security in their homes and offices and we are ready to provide them with the best-in-class security services," Hemanth concludes.

Hemanth Gowda N, The Owner, Tecqnio Global Solutions
Management Profile:
With an experience of more than 8 years as a system admin and network admin Hemanth is confident to deliver the best-of-breed IT products and support to all his clients. Hi immense knowledge and experience has helped him to establish the company with the aimto offer end-to-end solutions in the IT industry.