THB Software Solutions: Furnishing Bi-Enabled ERP Solutions




In today’s world of rapidly changing business dynamics, almost all companies create a huge amount of data from their business operation. This data is quite difficult to store & manage, and to keep hold of it, enterprises are using traditional softwares like MS Excel amongst many others, for different departments within the organization. These conventional software manually gather data from multiple sources involving multiple databases, manipulate the data in spreadsheets with an output of a mere static report. Thus after countless hours of manipulation, report is generated and by the time it gets delivered, report becomes outdated, rendering any decision making opportunities wasted. This calls for more proactive data acquisition and analytic tool which comes under the domain of BI(business intelligence) enabled ERP System.

Headquartered in Bangalore, TechHighbrows(THB) specializes in rendering BI-enabled ERP products (ERP solutions integrated with BI modules) that bestows a bird’s eye view of the client’s entire business in an easy-to-understand format along with predictions, analysis, trends and extrapolations. This BI integrated ERP solution eases the leadership efforts required to make perfect decisions regarding marketing, sales, strategies, product sales positioning with respect to regions, timelines, races, cultures while enabling businesses to acquire their short & long term goals.

Strategic Thinkers
Founded & led by group of technocrats, TechHighbrows is a product development and service offering firm established with a vision to alter the world by leveraging cutting edge technologies. With 30+ employees, the young firm is filling the market void for providing end-to-end innovative and comprehensive ERP services and focused solutions in integrated suite of business applications. “With a great blend of talent and strategic thinkers that we possess at THB, we have been successful in designing BI solutions which caters almost all possible business areas & problems. That’s where many of the providers find it difficult. We are continuously deploying our BI enabled ERP solutions that provide excellent features and tools, into many organizations,” professes TRS, CEO & MD, THB Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Today every customer works on the philosophy of ‘Right Data at Right Time’and ‘Right at First Time’. Having earned broad & deep operational comprehensive processes in finance, HR, distribution, service, manufacturing, and supply chain, THB designs customized Integrated ERP solutions suiting the needs of every business ranging from SMBs to big MNC. The BI enabled ERP solutions yield all the information in one intuitive platform required for a business to take faster and better-informed decisions, thereby assuring high quality process orientation and smooth operations of the organization.

TechHighbrows specializes in rendering BI-enabled ERP products that bestows a bird’s eye view of the client’s entire business in an easy-to-understand format along with predictions, analysis, trends and extrapolations

Boosting Customer Experience
Beside BI, the firm also possesses rich experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Analysis, Computer Algorithms and Data Science. Focused on 100 percent customer experience, this technology driven venture never delivers products before test and thus established a dedicated team for quality check who performs Fish fooding, Dogfooding, Beta testing and Dry runs before release of any product, ensuing flawless supply of the product. On the flip side, it offers multiple payment options depending upon the usage. The payment model is categorized as modular exhaustive volumes, basic intermediate premium features and perpetual monthly annual payment models. Involving DSS and ES systems, the premium features work on a concept, a product or an idea and provide business inputs scraping through a lot of competitors and their achievements on similar ideas, there by giving clients a fair idea on the success or failure of the concept even without investing on it.

Further enhancing customer experience the company not just only constantly keeps taking sincere feedback from customers about its products but also modifies its product based on their suggestions. Additionally, customers get timely updates for the software deployed to them. TRS states “Our core products encompass the flavor of trending technologies which are well crafted to solve the most dynamic challenges of customers”. With its expertise in AI and Data Science domains, THB today anticipates a huge number of tractions in companies adopting the BI enabled ERP solutions, especially in India which is a very humongous consumer market.

The young firm has travelled a long path in less than a year’s time and today associates with some of the big giants of the industry including TechMahindra, Rebaca Plintron, Saggezza, and Data Semantics to name a few. Experiencing whopping revenue growth of Rs.3crore in 2019 THB is all geared up to take it to Rs.20 crore by next year, while on-boarding more clients.

TRS upholds more than two decades of industry experience in domains like Telecom, Mobility, Client Server Frameworks, Scaled Server Optimization and others. Prior to THB he has worked with firms like Motorola, FaceBook, HPE, Alcatel Lucent, Aries L&T Infotech, Infosys, Tech Mahindra and others.

Services: Guest Infotainment Box, TIMS, Embedded System Products, Office Automation, ERP Solutions, Finance Management and Fleet Management.

Office: Bangalore