Theoly Cosmeceuticals: A One-of-a-kind Bio-Compatible Hybrid Cosmetic Brand

 Kishore Chobhe,  FounderIn the cosmetic industry, there exists primarily two types of brands. The first type of brand only offers 100 percent natural plant-based solutions, i.e., vegan products with no harmful effects on the human skin. However, the downside of vegan cosmetic brands is that it takes months to see visible results. The second type of company represent synthetic products that give excellent results instantly within weeks. The problem is that Synthetic products contain compounds that are actually harmful to the skin in the long run. In that regard, Theoly Cosmeceuticals is a home grown skincare brand established in 2019 that enjoys a unique position in the Indian cosmetic market. It is a hybrid brand that incorporates both synthetic non harmful Biocompatible compounds and natural abstracts into its range of skincare products.

Curated by certified Dermatologists, Theoly understands that each skin type is different, and hence, eliminates the five synthetic compounds which are considered the 'skin enemies'. These are Parabens, Sulphate, Shortchain alcohol, Silicones, and Artificial color & Fragrances. All the range of face wash, Toners, and Skin serum manufactured by Theoly are devoid of the common skin enemies. The company is instead focused

more on the bio-compatibility of the ingredients used.

Here's how
The undeniable fact is that the human skin has a Ph value between 4 and 7. Ideally, the ingredients used in skincare products must maintain the same Ph range. However, that is not the case with the majority of synthetic skincare products. And, this is precisely where Theoly is making a massive difference in the cosmetic market by incorporating a healthy mix of natural abstracts using only those synthetic compounds with a Ph value between the desirable skin-friendly range between 4 to 7. For instance, Theoly's bestselling and most trending Vitamin C serum uses 3.0 Ethyl Ascorbic Acid compound, which is considered the highest form of Vitamin C known for the superior stability it provides to the skin. At the end of the day, the skin is the largest organ and needs as much care as any other human body part. Theoly's biocompatible products make sure that the skin is well nurtured and taken care of as it's supposed to be.

Theoly is making a huge difference in the cosmetic market by incorporating a healthy mix of natural abstracts with only those Biocompatible (non harmful to human skin) synthetic compounds that has a Ph value between the desirable skin-friendly range

Filling a Huge Gap in the Indian Market
The Indian cosmetic market primarily gives its consumers two options to choose from. Users either have to go for imported premium foreign brands, which are very costly, or synthetic Indian brands, which are cheap, but when it comes to quality, are nowhere near the high-end foreign brand. This is where Theoly products come in by giving consumers a mid-range option to buy that offers the same premium benefits that big international brands offer.

Being a D2C brand, Theoly has built up a formidable online presence in the space of just two years present across all the major e-commerce sites such as Amazon to Flipkart. Theoly's check-out options are also hassle-free and easy, giving users a lot of flexibility with diverse payment options, right from UPI to Card payment, available at the Theoly website.