Trayee Capital: Steering SMEs towards Profits & Success

Venkata Shantaram,    Founder & Managing Partner

Venkata Shantaram

Founder & Managing Partner

Today, running a successful business takes a lot of effort and sacrifices. Especially for small businesses, it is normal to find yourself drowning in day to day operations. Although these are crucial for business success, performing these operations all by yourself might hold you back from actively growing your core competence. When it comes to taking expert support for such business matters, most SMEs cannot afford professional support or they simply ignore it to save some money.

Though this saves a small amount, it definitely will leave adverse consequences on the stability of the company in the long run. In fact, most businesses attain a state of stagnation, due to improper guidance. As a rescue, Corporate Advisory firms or Virtual CFOs are booming as a cost-effective and efficient solution. However, a business needs to choose a trusted and reliable service provider to grab greater opportunities for future growth with the use of modern tools. Such a corporate consulting and advisory firm that has gained upright trust is Trayee Capital, founded by Venkata Shantaram.

“There are several businesses that usually don’t seek or cannot afford a Big 4 consultant or CFO. The absence of expert guidance may result in revenue leakages, weak operating profitability margins and lack of timely liquidity that result a dent in the company’s credit risk profile. At Trayee, the aim is to bridge that intellectual capital gap so that the SMEs can afford to have the benefits been derived from having an highly qualified and experienced CFO. Headquartered in Hyderabad, we focus on helping SMEs skyrocket their business through effective strategies and practices”, the founder remarks.

He is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of rich and comprehensive experience in the areas of credit ratings, corporate banking, corporate strategy and Debt management. He is a strategic planner with a proven ability to improve operations, impact business growth, and maximize profits through achievement in funding, cost reductions,internal controls, and productivity/efficiency improvements. He along with his proficient team is driving success for many businesses today.
Ideated with a focused agenda to appreciate the capital of SMEs and entrepreneurs, Trayee Capital is a boutique financial consulting and advisory firm. The company offers tailor-made solutions with the objective of helping enterprises transform their business stature. Trayee Capital provides services such as Structured Finance, Credit Rating Advisory, Business Plans, Research Reports, Debt Syndication, Stressed Assets, Virtual CFO Services, and more. Through its consulting services, Trayee helps clients in directing, monitoring, organizing, and controlling strategy, and it prepares clients for future thinking and decision-making process. For aiding companies to invest their money efficiently, Trayee’s team specializes in credit risk assessment, structured finance products, writing business plans for startups or business expansions, and IPOs.

Moving ahead, Trayee Capital looks forward to embracing Artificial Intelligence and operating as a tech-driven corporate advisory firm

“We also offer services that are relevant to highgrowth companies that range from a start-up to midsized companies. From proper planning of financial activities of an enterprise to sourcing and utilization of funds, and rightful execution of projects, Trayee intends to handhold the clients and adds value at each step. We always have continuous dialogues with the clients regarding their limitations, challenges and goals. One of our most important principles is to provide long term support by understanding the industry and its assets. We do not commit ourselves to a project until and unless we feel we can add value to them. Clients appreciate us for this transparency, integrity and straight forward approach”, he mentions.

Its team of experienced and vibrant professionals aids clients in making sound decisions that are in harmony with their goals, values, and dreams in the simplest way. “What makes Trayee gain a competitive edge from the contemporaries is the ethics and an in-house analytical financial expertise and models that make everything achievable for our clients,” he explains.

He further adds, “Staying extremely diligent to provide the best to the clients, we have conversations with the clients in their own languages. Because we want to understand every nitty gritties to provide them with an appropriate strategy that works. Our solutions are completely customized according to what their business requires. To gain the maximum client satisfaction, the service is rendered according to the needs of our clients”.

Venkata Shantaram, Founder & Managing Partner
As Managing Partner of Trayee Venkata leads all analytical operations, oversees revenue generation, and manages a dextrous team to handle various client accounts. Venkata attributes his success to his family, especially his life partner Dr. Lakshmi Aparna for being the strong force in success of all the endevours.