TrioTree Technologies: Sharpening Skills in a Rewarding Milieu

Dr. Divye Chhabra & Surjeet Thakur,CEO & Director – IT Strategy.

Dr. Divye Chhabra & Surjeet Thakur

CEO & Director – IT Strategy.

"They say always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers. Having worked in multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment, I can say this with more conviction that it's the people who make projects successful. So we educate, empower and transform our employees to convert their passion and energy to execution of the projects. They are imbibed in the organizational culture of being part of the solution and not the problem. They are our assets and on personal front, all the right ingredients to become great leaders of the future," asserts Surjeet Thakur, Director - IT Strategy,TrioTree Technologies,a Noida-based healthcare technology company. Established by a group of skilful doctors and engineers with extremely focused domain expertise, this 2012-founded company stands apart with its profound knowledge of connecting various hospital processes into a single piece to make the lives of people who run hospitals easier.

TrioTree's commitment in helping health organizations rise above complex challenges is the fuel that has powered their revenue engine to double itself every year.Leveraging the founding team's 14 years of domain expertise, the company has delivered several hospital-wide implementations of technology solutions in hospitals ranging from the size of 50-600 beds. While the local companies are not mature enough and the focus of giant companies is in established foreign markets, Trioree has built 14 world-class ultramodern products (HIStree,an enterprise HIS, patient portal, Appointment system for
hospitals & clinics, research solution for Labs and mobile apps for doctors) that are tailor-made for Indian landscape.

TrioTree encourages its people to think out-of-the-box and multitask, which add tremendous value to their projects as well as their personality.

Flexible, Unconventional & Intensely Creative

This flexible company encourages its people to think out-of-the-box and multitask, which add tremendous value to their projects as well as their personality. TrioTreeians from various departments extract best ideas out of each other through intensely creative debates every day. This helps them to dive deep into the whole process, connect the dots and bring forth a solution which marries everything together.

Fostering Intellectuals

New bies joining the development team are trained rigorously via classroom & hand-holding sessions for three months by senior members who live and breathe IT. This gets them up to the speed of development. On the functional side, the domain experts who don't write codes or interact with users during system implementation conduct product & process training for 15 days in a lab, where dedicated systems are connected to create a simulated environment of hospitals. Experienced joinees also undergo similar training, but after a short period they get to show case their experience as a trainer.

"We have a great working environment, nice peers and mentors that groom us technically and functionally. We get lots of opportunities to learn and interact with people working in different domains and technologies, be it Web, Mobile or Desktop applications. I really look forward to ongoing recreational events like Potluck, Sports Meet, monthly town halls and lots of other events," says
an excited Deepika Jain, Software Developer, TrioTree Technologies.

Recreation & Monetary Benefits

Despite being a startup, TrioTree offers a competitive salary and annual appraisals as well as several perks such as PF, free medical insurance and variant components that are paid as bonus. Besides playing games like dumb charades, carom and chess in office, TrioTreeians also get to play outdoor games on Fridays and weekends. The company helps to create a bond amongst all the 47 TrioTreeians by taking them to team outings like a water theme park.

"Our employees are our pride. We empower our team with the necessary healthcare knowledge and skills, and set them out for client implementations with a single mandate of solving user problems. Resultantly, our product is embellished with simple, innovative solutions for complex operational issues. It is then no wonder that our clients are themselves our brand ambassadors," remarks Dr. Divye Chhabra, CEO, TrioTree Technologies.

Key Management:
Dr. Divye Chhabra, CEO

This gold medalist is a medical doctor with specialisation in Pathology and vast experience in designing and implementing innovative healthcare technology solutions. Divye played a key leadership role in EHR implementation in Max group of hospitals, which won the coveted 2012 NASSCOM award - a first in India and sixth in Asia.

Surjeet Thakur, Director- IT Strategy

Surjeet is a tech-savvy engineer with an eye for detail and a splendid vision towards aligning IT-Strategy to over all business. He leverages his extensive experience in diverse HIS, ERPs, RIS-PACS and various other associated applications from U.S., Germany and India to spearhead teams towards successful enterprise implementations.