Tudip Technologies: The Promised Land for Every Passionate Technologist

Dipti Agrawal,Co-Founder & CEO

Dipti Agrawal

Co-Founder & CEO

It has been brought to light that the tech industry in India offers multifarious employment opportunities to tech professionals. But the real question is, are these professionals happy and content with their work and its culture? Majority of the answers would be a big NO! On the bright side, we have companies like Tudip Technologies Private Limited, a highly dynamic, agile and software-driven company, considering employees as its backbone and providing them the best work culture ever. Since the time of its establishment in 2010, Tudip has been upholding the belief that happy employees lead to happy clients, which ultimately results in enormous success. Among the various features that attract people towards Tudip, its excellence in always adapting latest technologies and work culture stand-out predominantly.

Technological and process innovation is what places Tudip an edge above its competitors in the market. Its in-house team of software developers, QA engineers, business analysts, network specialists as well as translators collectively create world-class customer-centric products to the clients in tune with their changing needs. No wonder, it has won the hearts of its clients ­ global leaders and niche players across various industries including smart appliances, OTT, agriculture, healthcare, e-Commerce, e-Learning and many more, by accomplishing their international projects.

A Happy Place to Work for!
With regards to work culture, the company fosters transparency and ownership among every single employee, while being accountable for their thoughts, actions and communications. All employees are treated equally (no sir-madam culture) and allowed to unhesitatingly approach their CEO or team lead any time to discuss professional matters. On the other hand, the team leaders are endowed with profound knowledge to help their members, so that they take the company to newer heights with their combined ken and passion. Further, Tudip has also created a set of people with capability to produce potential ideas for new products and eventually take-up leadership roles.

Employees in-turn ought to abide by its non-negotiable values, never misuse them for personal or corporate gains, and consistently adhere to moral behaviour during all their endeavours. This way, both Tudip and its people are bonded by unswerving trust and honesty, thus making it the best place to work for!

Boundless Motivation
Dipti Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO, Tudip Technologies, asserts, "With an employee-first credo, we always listen to our employees and pledge to keep them motivated". On the fourth Saturday of every month, Tudip conducts Improvement Day for all its employees, wherein feedback of the projects handled in the month are discussed and shared via presentations and talks, along with the areas of improvement. Post that, all of them enjoy, dance, sing and relish snacks together. For Tudipians who performed exceptionally well, the company organizes events once in six months to felicitate employees for their works in front of their parents or their loved ones.
Not just mere appreciation and feedback, employees are offered with regular training sessions on diverse software related topics to keep them abreast of the latest software. Freshers are provided with essential training to mould them for a better tomorrow and make them competent. The distinguishing aspect of Tudip is that more than 50 percent of its employees have completed a lot of certification courses, while others are encouraged to register for online courses on Udemy. Knowledge sharing is the other forte of the company, wherein mentoring, trust, rewards, good collaboration tools, regular emails, and quarterly newsletters keep every Tudipian updated with emerging industry trends.

Employees ­ The True Asset
All the HR policies of Tudip Technologies are devised so as to make employees better at their works and enhance their skill sets. Unlike other companies with one appraisal cycle, the company offers two appraisal cycles for its engineering team, which is a great source of motivation to perform better. Besides, quarterly bonuses to eligible employees, insurance policies, employee stock options for those completing two years and above (during New Year party), paid maternity leave, honeymoon bonus (for employees getting married & for their partners), and many more benefits are entitled in Tudip's HR policy. Moreover, employees can engage themselves over lunch on Saturdays, recreational events, festivals, anniversaries, birthdays and other events as one big family. In a nutshell, employees are not just resources to Tudip, but its biggest assets! No wonder, the company has maintained a 12 percent attrition rate recently for its unrelenting care towards employees' wellbeing.

At the backend, hiring is carried-out for both freshers and experienced candidates who are not just passionate about their works, but aspiring to build their career too. Tudip is a heaven for freshers, as they can augment their skill sets by working with newfangled technologies in real time. It also bestows technologists with ample growth opportunities and technocrats with intrapreneurship options. Dipti adds, "We prefer referral hiring over any other mode and incentivize referrals through our referral policy. Besides, we conduct a lot of campus hiring. So far, we have done 250+ campuses hires".

Women Empowerment
With 15 women in top management including its CEO, Tudip Technologies constantly encourages and motivates its women staff by offering them many policies towards their betterment. Cab facility with drop till doorstepalong with sexual harassment policy ensure that there is no harassment with women, and exploitation & intimidation-free workplace is duly provided to women. Further, a just and fair hearing on their issues with more focus on sexual harassment is conducted, and serious disciplinary action is taken by the company. This way, women enjoy a working environment that encourages maximum productivity and maintains personal dignity.

Dipti proudly concludes, "At Tudip, we have many individuals whose growth stories are commendable, and one such representative is Paresh Ladhe". Paresh has been performing exceptionally well since past 10 years with out-of-the-box ideas and has been making Tudip proud. Most employees look-up to him as a role model and aspire to achieve heights as he has. He is also the best person by heart with a fun-loving attitude. For Paresh, learning never ends and every day is a lesson and new learning experience. Treasuring many employees like Paresh, Tudip Technologies envisions standing-out as one of the best tech companies for every technologist out there seeking to establish a wonderful career, not just today but even in the upcoming years.

Dipti Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO
Dipti is a well-versed technology entrepreneur and highly accomplished leader with extensive experience in business, consulting, and project management.

Inception Year: 2010
Locations: Pune (India), Ontario (Canada), Bogota (Columbia), Campbell (Us), Abuja (Nigeria) & Guadalajara (Mexico)
Services: IoT, Product Engineering, Cloud Computing, Web Development, Mobility Solutions & Quality Assurance

We value cultures not only from India, but across the globe as all our clients are across the world. Our core values are Integrity, Innovation and Serenity - CEO

There is no sir-madam culture in Tudip. Everybody is evaluated based on their performance -HR

We started with four people in 2010 and now we have an employee base of 400+. The good thing about Tudip is that it has a spirit of a small organization where every employee feels their contribution matters - Employee

Tudip is one of the best organizations which I have worked for because here I see respect for each woman working and the best thing is `I can be me' and work fearlessly every single day and come-up with something new - Woman Employee