Veefin Solutions: One of the Most Innovative and Comprehensive Supply Chain Finance Solution Providers in the World

Raja Debnath,Co-Founder

Raja Debnath


Supply chain financing technology platforms are a niche segment that is gaining a lot of Lenders attention since the last 3-4 years. However, there are just a handful of specialized SCF technology vendors globally and the ones that are prohibitively expensive enough to be affordable only to blue chip banks. Headquartered in Mumbai, Veefin Solutions was founded with the objective to help Lenders of all sizes across the world get access to the best quality supply chain technology at an honest price.

Veefin Solutions brings in an entire modular platform approach that includes modules hitherto not available in the SCF technology market. Clients can choose any module out of the platform as per their requirement, be it onboarding, underwriting, transaction management, self-serve data analytics and plug it in with their existing systems to complete their SCF platform. This makes it the most comprehensive supply chain financing solution out there globally because of the breadth of products and depth of out-of-the-box functionalities that Veefin brings to the table. Veefin Solutions has served clients across Asia and Africa, including in India, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Egypt and many more countries.

Underpinned By An Open Work Culture
Although headquartered in Mumbai, Veefin Solutions has offices in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and remote working employees across the country. Close to a 100-member team and growing rapidly, the team members are spread across the country and most of the core team members have been working together for over seven years. The vibrant & open work culture coupled with continuous learning across new domains has allowed the teams within the company to thrive.
Bringing Forth Functionally Rich & Out Of The Box Solutions
Veefin Solutions is the ideal partner for clients seeking to have a faster go-to-market. Veefin has been built on the product philosophy of catering to the individual lender requirements/deployments through maximum configurations and minimum customizations. It is this philosophy that allows Veefin to deliver the fastest SCF implementa tions in the industry. Over the years, Veefin has built up a history of handholding clients and helping them launch their product faster into the market. There have been many instances where Veefin has helped banks wishing to venture into the supply chain financing. Similarly, Veefin Solutions comes off as an ideal partner for banks operating on a hybrid model, i.e., some parts done manually and the rest of the work digitally. This is where the team of experts at Veefin has stepped in several times and helped clients achieve a complete digital transformation of their processes.

Veefin solutions brings in a super comprehensive modular platform. Clients can pick and choose modules out of the platform as per their requirement

Right now, Deep Tier Supply Financing is the hottest topic in the supply chain finance world. Through Deep Tier Financing, Veefin allows Tier 2 and lower tier suppliers to get their invoices financed through lenders, based on the fact that Tier 1 Suppliers have approved invoices from the large corporates. Today, Veefin belongs to the bracket of a handful of companies globally that have a working Deep Tier solution.

Veefin envisions to be one of the Top 3 Supply Chain Finance technology providers globally by 2024. And, the company is rapidly moving in that direction, with 2021 serving as the breakout year owing to the intense demands generated towards digital transformation due to the Covid Pandemic. Veefin Solutions has a very strong project pipeline over the next two quarters and is poised well to meet its ambitious global goals.

Raja Debnath, Co-Founder, Veefin Solutions
A seasoned veteran in the financial world, having worked for the International Financial Corporation (IFC), Raja was an SME Advisory specialized advising banks across Asia on SME Banking and Supply Chain Financing (SCF). It was during his time in IFC where Raja saw that there were just a handful of SCF vendors who had SCF platforms but none of them were truly comprehensive and affordable at the same time. Therefore, he decided to leave IFC and focused on plugging this gap in the supply chain financial ecosystem. This led Raja to join hands with Gautam Udani ­ Founder of Infini Systems, which led to the establishment of Veefin Solutions a company focused on serving Lenders globally with a truly world class SCF platform at an affordable price.