Vibha Singh: Pioneering Excellence in Pre-Primary Learning

  Vibha Singh,   Founder, Director & Principal

Vibha Singh

Founder, Director & Principal

In India, leaders in pre-school education play a crucial role in shaping the early learning experiences of children. These pioneers prioritize innovative teaching methodologies, practical learning approaches, and teacher training to create nurturing environments. Their commitment extends beyond traditional norms, advocating for policies that distinguish pre-schools from higher education institutions. Through a forward thinking mindset, these leaders contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of early childhood education.

Vibha Singh, a dedicated and accomplished academician, embarked on her educational journey with a profound passion for learning. After graduating with honors in Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Sales and Advertising Management from St. Xavier’s College, she quickly rose to become the university topper, setting the stage for a remarkable academic career. Her pursuit of knowledge led her to attain an MBA in Finance and Marketing, where she earned a gold medal.

As the Founder, Director, and Principal of Mere Nanhe Kadam Pre School, Vibha Singh has dedicated herself to the holistic development of young minds during their crucial foundation years, spanning from 1.8 years to six years old. Her unique approach focuses on nurturing children not only academically but also socially, emotionally, and overall. Vibha's specialization lies in preparing children to be academically confident for the competitive entrance exams required for admission to top K-12 schools globally. Over the course of her 10-year journey with Mere Nanhe Kadam, she has emphasized the significance of these formative years, challenging societal misconceptions that dismiss this period as mere play time.

Transforming Early Education
“As the Founder of Mere Nanhe Kadam Pre School, I take pride in the positive transformations witnessed in the landscape of pre-primary education. Over the years, I've observed a notable increase in the number of play schools, each committed to enhancing the quality of education and infrastructure. When I initiated this journey, my school set a premium standard, offering facilities like a dedicated swimming pool, AC campus, professionally designed dance, computer, and singing classes. The shift in mindset, with parents now embracing early education, signifies a progressive change that I'm proud to have contributed to", asserts Vibha.
Integrity in Early Learning
Mere Nanhe Kadam, under the visionary leadership of its Founder and Director, Vibha Singh, stands out as a beacon of integrity and innovative education in the realm of pre-primary learning. The core strategy of the institution revolves around an unwavering commitment to honesty. Vibha Singh emphasizes the pivotal role of honesty among the staff, ensuring that teachers spend dedicated hours with young learners, making external tuition unnecessary. This ethos resonates with the belief that a genuine investment of time and effort in the classroom can significantly impact a child's academic journey.

Furthermore, the institution champions the practical based learning approach endorsed by the National Education Policy 2020. Understanding the evolving landscape of education, Mere Nanhe Kadam embraces hands-on, practical learning experiences for its students, aligning seamlessly with contemporary educational philosophies.

I actively engage in educating parents about the critical importance of early childhood development, advocating for a more profound understanding of the learning that occurs during this period

Revolutionizing Early Childhood Education
Leveraging technology, the school has implemented a dedicated learning app that fosters seamless communication between parents and educators. Each classroom boasts smart boards, transforming traditional learning into interactive smart classes. The emphasis on practical learning is evident in the daily 10-minute sessions dedicated to listening, fostering correct language acquisition. The holistic development approach encompasses academic, co-curricular, and moral values classes, ensuring a well-rounded education. "We offer a diverse range of co-curricular activities daily, from swimming and dancing to singing and moral values classes. The school cultivates a culture of regular speech opportunities, nurturing confident public speaking skills from an early age", informs Vibha.

The Crucial Role of Teacher Training
In the realm of education, particularly in pre-primary sectors, the pivotal role of teachers cannot be over stated. Vibha Singh, the guiding force behind Mere Nanhe Kadam, recognizes that teachers are the most invaluable resources in shaping a child's educational journey. The selection of teachers is a meticulous process, focusing not only on academic prowess but also on qualities such as warmth, empathy, and a nurturing demeanor akin to a mother. Vibha's emphasis on teacher training is unparalleled, viewing it as the cornerstone of a successful educational institution. Regular training sessions, workshops, and collaborations with external trainers contribute to the continuous development of educators.

Navigating the Future
Vibha Singh, the visionary behind Mere Nanhe Kadam, expresses both appreciation and optimism regarding the National Education Policy 2020. While she applauds the emphasis on practical learning, smart classes, and play way methods, she stresses the need for effective implementation. She believes that the policy's impact extends beyond preprimary education, affecting even 10+2 schools. She advocates for a clear demarcation between pre-schools and 10+2 schools, urging policymakers to discourage admissions from nursery or lower classes. “I believe it’s important to maintain small teacher-student ratios for effective preprimary education and individualized attention for young learners. Additionally, due to the challenges in transportation services, the government should consider smaller vehicles and personalized home-to-home services to ensure the safety and well-being of young children. Through these suggestions, I envision a more robust pre-primary education system and enhanced efficiency in 10+2 schools", concludes Vibha.