Vineet Dwivedi: Blending Ideas with Reality to Create Value for Society

Vineet Dwivedi, Founder & CEO

Vineet Dwivedi

Founder & CEO

Global statistics say only about 10 percent of startups prosper and the rest get lost in 'transition'. Yet, these numbers never made Vineet Dwivedi, Founder & CEO of FlipClass, sceptic about the opportunities to lead an organization and experiment without being circumscribed to organizational roles and visions.

An alumnus of IIT-Kanpur & IIM-Bangalore, Vineet has been in major roles in reputed companies, and his appetencies for starting his own company began with 'Amogha Infotech', which created vehicle/resource tracking system based non-GPS situating algorithms in 2005. While Amogha was acquired by Xora, he moved over to another quest at Career Mantra where the company developed a cloud-based collaborative blended-learning platform in 2008. Career Mantra was acquihired by Tutor Vista, which was later acquired by Pearson in 2010.

But, after leading couple of
successful ventures, Vineet through his own tedious experience realized the dearth of efficient professional private tutors and FlipClass was born in 2013. Leading a mobile first age, his third venture designed a mobile platform for learning that works on desktops additionally.

In Spite of the many challenges that he was faced with vineet moved on as creating something new that could integrate value to the society always motivated him

Integrating Values
Yet, his technical expertise did not help him establish his own brands, as the dynamic startup ecosystem always tested his patience, foresight and planning. Vineet expounds, "Even if you have a good idea, you cannot just start a company. You have to ponder deep and plan your finances well, because in a start-up, you won't be getting a fine-tuned salary like the way you used to get in your previous company. So, you have to plan finances genuinely well. You can't risk on that".

In spite of the many challenges that he was faced with, Vineet moved on, as creating something new that could integrate value to
the society always motivated him. devoting his everyday life to his start-up, he managed his finances well enough to lead a successful business. As for his mentoring his kids, he doesn't want to restrict them with his ideas; rather he wants them to flourish their knowledge, be logical, rational and honest to pursue their dreams.

Be Mentored, Ride on Success
A serial entrepreneur, devoted to innovation & his business, Vineet always values business and customers more than his relationships for which he cannot even get going with his favourite golf. He believes, "If you are not favouring your company's interests, you are not getting the fundamental thing clear. In order to sustain company and its cognations, you have to take some bitter decisions if your friend is at fault, no matter how important he is in your life. You always have to deal with professional and personal life separately".

Vineet believes that the primary challenge faced by any new entrepreneur is to find the right mentor who can groom him and his business. He concludes by saying, "Entrepreneurs have very high energy. Though they are blessed with great ideas, they lack a guide. Before getting into any business activity, find yourself a mentor and start working towards your prosperity. Nothing can stop you".