Viraj PEB: Bringing forth the New Age of PEBs to the Modern Age

Arun Dabhade Patil,FounderPre Engineered Building(PEB)concept in the design of structures has helped in optimizing design. Steel is the basic material that is used in the Materials that are used for Pre-engineered steel building. The latest version of the Code of Practice for general construction in steel IS 800:2007 is based on Limit State Method of design. The adopt ability of PEB in the place of Conventional Steel Building(CSB)design concept resulted in many advantages, including economy and easier fabrication. Long Span, Column free structures are the most essential in any type of industrial structures and Pre Engineered Buildings(PEB)fulfills this requirement along with reduced time and cost as compared to conventional structures. PEB methodology is versatile not only due to its quality predesigning and prefabrication, but also due to its light weight and economical construction.

Established in 2015 by five young dynamic
engineers,Viraj PEB is a specialist in Industrial sheds, School Buildings over bridges, Airport hangers, Stadiums & Heavy Fabrication Portacabins. The firm was founded with a vision to bring forth new improvement in the construction industry. The company is well equipped with machineries of Z&C Purlin, Sheet Profile Machines, Accessories machines. Viraj PEB works towards customers satisfaction, while also working with Multinational companies in Marathwada region.

Viraj PEB is a specialist in Industrial sheds, School Buildings over bridges, Airport hangers, Stadiums & Heavy Fabrication Porta cabins

There are a number of benefits that Viraj PEB offers through its Pre Engineered buildings or PEBs due to their easy method of construction. Pre engineered buildings is a concept of building that involves predesigned and prefabricated steel structures which can be tailored according to the requirement and assembled at site. Preengineered buildings have become a very popular method of constructions all over the world due to their flexibility and ease of construction. Pre engineered are built using prefabricated I-shaped members, also known as I-beams. These I-beams can be shaped according to the requirements and available space and can be assembled at site. This greatly reduces the time spent in construction. Due to such pre engineering there is less amount of engineering required during the actual construction of the building at site.

Such benefits of Pre engineered Buildings or PEBs make them the perfect choice for construction in the present times. Due to such reasons, Pre Engineered Buildings are quickly replacing known conventional methods of construction in today's world and Viraj PEB is at the helm of helping clients realize the coming of PEBs in the modern construction industry. In the near future, Viraj PEB looks forward to leveraging LGS structures for constructing homes in India.