Webocto Network: Elevating Businesses to Newer Heights

 Suraj Patil,  Chief Executive Officer

Suraj Patil

Chief Executive Officer

A great brand stands out in a crowded marketplace. Customers fall in love with brands, trust them, and believe in their superiority. Whether a brand is a startup, a non-profit, or a product, its perception determines its success. Having said that, branding is increasingly becoming one of the most important aspects of every business. Companies that effectively focus on their brand to differentiate themselves from the competition and have superior marketing. As a result, comparing features and benefits to evaluate products is no longer effective.

Webocto Network provides an easy and most effective solution for each & every brand, i.e., performance marketing. Webocto has more than 15,000 niche influencers who have already delivered results for big brands. The company has been successfully aiding brands to reach the right audience by utilizing influencers. Today, influencers play a vital part in becoming some one who people can trust in an era where validation has become a very significant aspect for the audience before trusting any brand or product. Further, is a robust platform with numerous options to market one’s business with a wide network. Webocto does everything from Influencer Marketing to Performance Marketing to Dedicated/Integrated Product Review Videos(YouTube Marketing). Further all sales and conversions are tracked in real time.

“Webocto Network has a well-established network that connects brands with publishers. The company was established by a group of committed performance marketers with the goal of making performance marketing an accessible solution for companies and publishers to grow while earning cash", says Suraj Patil, Chief Executive Officer, Webocto Network.

“We are associated with and trusted by multiple brands including BOAT, Noise, Croma, Myntra, Flipkart, Nykaa, Puma, Lakme, and Bombay Shaving company among others. We aim to be a one-stop destination for brands and publishers. Not only this, we have the biggest clan of YouTubers whom we help to monetize their content by providing brand campaigns which make their work one step easier", he adds.

Webocto is supported by a competent creative team that believes technology and branding go hand in hand. It is critical for
a company to keep up with market trends since it provides a clear picture of what people desire. Today, Webocto is a leading digital marketing company and also the first to use disruptive technology in branding. The dashboard that Webocto provides is one of a kind as it works on CPA, CPI & CPS models, i.e. brand pays only when the sale or conversion happens. The company has always strived to be an entity that publishers can rely on with the goal of developing long term relationships with them. It is a team effort that has made the Webocto Network the first choice for the brands, wherein, it makes sure the process is smooth and transparent. The company’s team includes members who are experts in influencers mapping, technology, branding & social networks.

At Webocto, our mission is to become the ultimate destination for brands & publishers seeking results driven branding & influencer marketing solutions

“Our main objective is to provide results through branding & influencer Marketing. For the word of mouth promotion, it is necessary that people talk about your brand. Here, influencer marketing plays a pivotal role. We connect brands with the right influencers having targeted audiences", states Suraj.

The ability of a company to create results and generate sales demonstrates its efficiency. Webocto recently ran a boat campaign in which it enlisted the help of a tech influencer, resulting in 400+ sales in just one day. Another successful promotional campaign was the Reliance Digital India Sale 2023. Webocto onboarded 15 publishers for this campaign, which lasted three days. These are recent examples of successful initiatives, and we work on several of them each month.

Addressing Businesses’ Pressing Challenges
“As most brands are unaware of the Indian market, we assist them with their product introduction and sales. It is not the same for every brand; the most important thing is to understand the brand's history and what the brand needs in the market. It is accomplished by a methodical series of operations that include mapping and contacting the appropriate influencers, supplying them with promotional materials creating the video, and tracking. Our platform eliminates these issues with a single click. Our influencers are eager to promote your business and brands can work with more influencers as there is no fixed cost and only a percentage based payment", highlights Suraj.

Webocto's concept of performance marketing is to make it easier for its brands as well as publishers by giving a free campaign setup through its intuitive dashboard. Furthermore, the company provides a professional account manager who collaborates between brands and influencers to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

As a new-age tech & performance-based company, Webocto Network is focusing on tapping Influencers across Asia & Middle East countries. For this, the company is onboarding expert influencers and making these CPA campaigns active in these countries.