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Nitin Sharma ,Director, Whitehats Cybertech

Nitin Sharma

Director, Whitehats Cybertech

The Internet holds a firm grip on all our lives marking its dominance on our data and affecting our privacy like never before. Although the increasing use of the internet is leading us to an era of digitization, it has also emerged as a threat to humankind in many ways. Realizing this major concern for many government organizations, business enterprises, and the general public, cyber security has become a hot and needy topic. In recent times, we often hear how important cybersecurity is and how it has emerged as an enabler for technology implementation, execution, sustenance, keeping safe from threats & vulnerabilities, and guiding to foresee the risks. With that said, an enabler/partner can be / will be an important asset if and only if it can add value to achieve, maintain and continually improve the organization's security governance in a cost effective way. This same credence is depicted in White hats Cybertech's motto "Cybersecurity Means Whitehats", instills a conviction to deliver products and services to supplement the cybersecurity governance of an organization.

One-Of-A-Kind Solution & Service
Whitehats has developed an Automation Platform called Compliance Foresight to fulfill the most critical aspects of automated GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance). It provides real time board level transparency on compliance, audit outcomes, risk exposure, and control effectiveness, and the ability to integrate multiple security platforms like Nessus, Qualys, and other web applications assessments coupled with standard compliances as ISO 27001, PCIDSS, SOC2, Risk Management, 3rd party Risk management, KPI's, and other organizational control parameters testing. Available on premises and on the cloud ensures that all the FinTech, SMB, and MSME sectors can benefit from the GRC solutions in the most cost effective ways.

Other major products of Whitehats are Data
Foresight (An on prim PII discovery solution to identify PII in the environment with Real time and customized reporting) and PAN Discover (An on prim solution to scan the environment to identify the plain text card numbers in operations assets including Databases).

Whitehats has become the Solution provider to most organizations and fast track GRC with the most advanced level of automation.

Whitehats endeavors to make GRC simple, easy for all,reach masses and make cyber security a priority for all

Compliance Foresight has a hybrid rich experience of consulting for the security function and understanding the needs and expectations of the senior management team. The company Collaborates with all stakeholders at different levels and ensures that the needs are addressed to their levels. Most of the GRC work is automated that ensures that all stakeholders get a slice of GRC and they own the GRC model which helps them understand their business units' requirements. Real time data flow across the organizations helps them realize the risks associated with the business units. "With our cumulative 40+ years of core GRC expertise and implementation experience of some of the most critical GRC Solutions, Whitehats definitely excels in the GRC space with consulting and automation in its portfolio," claims the key management".

Strong Footprint
Whitehats has implementation experience of more than 10-15 GRC solution deployments across India and the Middle East and is currently serving organizations with operations across more than 10 countries. The expertise includes integrations with multiple solutions across various technologies and across different departments/ business units, which helps them define the core of GRC automation.

Nitin Sharma, Director, Whitehats Cybertech
Nitin Sharma is a technically qualified and well-experienced Director adding values to the Organisation with a professional touch to the business transactions.

His experience of 13 years as starting as an L1 support IT Engineer working in different domains, from working on tickets , managing the IT infrastructure security to consulting and implementing different standards like ISO 27001,22301 ,Payment Card industry standards, makes him an enabler which can value add in building growth strategies for businesses.