Xmplar: OEM of Enterprise class ERP – CREST

Rajumohan R ,CEOThe global tech landscape stays in a constant state of flux, especially with the emergence of mass digitization, newer trends and tools emerge every so often. This constant evolution demands organizations to align with emerging technology trends in order for them to stay relevant in the highly competitive industry. Developers, who form the backbone of the digitized tech universe, must also update their skill sets periodically in order to ensure successful career growth. Committed to sharpening its arsenal of solutions and talent through continuous skill upgradation is Xmplar, an IT & consulting firm specializing in delivery & implementation of custom software solutions and packaged applications.

Primarily a product company in the cloud based ERP segment, Xmplar constantly works toward enhancing its product features which requires the adoption of newer technologies. By virtue of its commitment to staying ahead of the technology curve, Xmplar provides its employees with tremendous opportunities to learn newer things, apart from the functional domain expertise. Counting ‘learn & share’ among its most integral value system, the Bangalore headquartered firm has emerged as a desirable workplace for professionals looking to fortify their skill sets and become future ready.

Future Ready Workforce
Xmplar, a tech first company, dedicatedly works towards adopting newer technologies and making its product adaptable, scalable and secure. “We believe that our product or solution will be superior only when our developers cut across their territory and understand the domain,” explains Rajumohan R, CEO, Xmplar. The company thus constantly endeavors to transform its developers into techno functional consultants. Developers undergo frequent functional training to help them understand the complex ERP domain, including the financials. “This enables our employees to become wellrounded professionals,” Rajumohan adds.

Armed with an able team, Xmplar constantly explores domains such as AI, RPA, Big data, Blockchain and IoT, among others, thus rendering its employees with the opportunity to work with the latest tools and technologies. The workforce is encouraged to learn new technologies and apply their learning at their workplace. Constantly keeping its workforce on its toes, Xmplar has inculcated innovative thinking as a default among its employees. This approach also empowers individuals by making them future ready based on the experience gained at Xmplar.

Constant Learning, Sharing & Growth
Founded in 2013, Xmplar has scripted many a success stories for its employees over the years.
Recounting a tale that solidifies the company’s commitment towards constant learning, Rajumohan says, “One of our employees began his career as a fresher with us and swiftly moved to play the role of technical lead. He grabbed every opportunity that came his way to explore various programming languages and tools”.

He successfully designed and delivered a module for a US client, and upon delivery, the client acknowledged his technical prowess and dedication in way of appreciation.

On identifying his acumen, Xmplar provided him with various challenging tasks, which included different domains & learning new skills; he performed exceptionally well on all occasions. “A dependable professional who doesn’t hesitate to share his learning with colleagues, it was his personnel traits combined with our value systems/work environment that moulded him to be where he is now,” adds Rajumohan.

Similarly, Xmplar encourages and supports all its employees to pursue creative ideas that have the potential to make a difference. The workforce is also encouraged to share what they have learnt with their colleagues, which makes learning beneficial for everyone.

Strong Value System
A structure can only stand tall upon a strong foundation and in terms of an organization, its value system forms that foundation. Seeping into the very work culture followed by the employees, Xmplar has scripted a well-defined value system, making it easy to understand for the workforce. Counting respect as a foremost value, the company renders to all its employees respect for individual privacy, eliminating discrimination, whether based on religion, belief, race, nationality, gender or physical disability. A manifestation of its respect for its workforce is Xmplar’s healthy and safe work environment. This helps in boosting employee confidence and makes them feel important. It also binds them to the organization, thus lowering the employee turnover rate.

Having built its entire business on the foundation of honesty and integrity, the company has successfully built lasting relationships with employees, customers and stakeholders. Transparency is another value that is given ample weightage at Xmplar.

“We educate/inform all our employees about our business model and make them understand the implications of it,” says Sheetal T D, HR, Xmplar. The entire team receives constant updates covering all fronts such as sales (achievements/targets/opportunities), projects, policies, resources, overall business environment. Lastly, Xmplar regards commitment as a core value; the entire organization is committed to delivering great products, services and other initiatives that impact lives within and beyond the organization.

Constantly keeping its workforce on its toes, Xmplar has inculcated innovative thinking as a default among its employees

An astute leader, Rajumohan has made sure that Xmplar’s leadership team stays approachable to the workforce. In order to put its employees at ease, the leadership team strives to be keen listeners to any ideas/solutions/issues, act as a sounding board to discuss ideas/thoughts, and make sure that things are communicated across the board politely yet firmly. Acting judiciously, Rajumohan promotes constant & efficient communication of company progress to all employees and ensures that due appreciation is given for any good work being done. The Xmplar team focuses on improving employee independence by empowering the workforce to make their own decisions rather than always depending on seniors.

Amalgamating its various foundational values with its commitment to developing a strong arsenal of technology tools, Xmplar has cemented its position as an industry leader in terms of attracting the right talent and clientele.

Key Values Practiced
Work culture has many components, but one of the most important is what a company and its employees value. When these are defined in short phrases, it readily understood by most employees. Xmplar’s key values are Respect, Integrity, Learn & Share, Transparency, and Commitment.