Xoriant: Progressive Work Culture with Exemplary Growth Opportunities

Arun Tendulkar,   COO

Arun Tendulkar, COO India

An adept workforce equipped with sustainable growth has always been the basis for a business to thrive. Unfortunately, most companies in the contemporary world pay minimal heed to this essential aspect and merely focus on boosting their business. This has never been the case for Xoriant, a product engineering, software development and technology services firm headquartered in Silicon Valley. The firm believes investing in continuous education and training of its people. Strengthened with multi-technology competence and insights on the technology industry, Xoriant goes an extra mile to ensure that its people enhance their expertise in next-generation technologies so that they deliver innovative solutions to its clients. Arun Tendulkar, Xoriant COO India says, “Xoriant's core values and principles are one of the strategic differentiators that has influenced the way we work together and serve our customers, bringing passionate people to collaborate, while creating opportunities for them to achieve individual career goals and for the company to be an innovation leader”.

Recognized as a preferred technology partner for ISVs and Enterprise customers today, Xoriant practices a culture that resonates with innovation, backed by key technology partnerships. The firm keeps its customers prepared for the emerging technology disruptions as well as the ongoing competition by delivering next-generation products, end-to-end solutions and platforms. Xoriant's offerings are built on leading technology practices across Product Engineering, Cloud and Infrastructure, Internet of Things, Security, Big Data and Analytics, Data Management and Governance. In turn, its employees, breathing a strong customer-first mindset, undertake each task and responsibility with high motivation for technology and strive to achieve unparalleled excellence for the firm. Xoriant successfully maintains a customer track record
with 90 percent repeat business and several employees with a tenure of more than 15 years. Recently in a special event, employees with 15 years of service in the organization were recognized by its CEO, Girish Gaitonde.

Redefining Employee Empower- ment

Ranjana Singh, Head of HR at Xoriant, says, “Xoriant testifies itself as one of the best companies to work for by successfully building a modern, technology driven firm, prioritizing employees through innovative people practices and an empowering environment, open culture, offering exceptional opportunities for career growth along with the experience of working with cutting-edge technologies”.

A vast range of factors attributes to the empowerment of Xoriant’s current headcount of 3000+ professionals. Starting from stringent lateral hiring and campus drives in diverse geographies including the provision of exclusive employee development programs around the year, the firm leaves no stone unturned to build the best workforce. Xoriant brings aboard new talent through internship programs, while diversity hiring is prioritized via special recruitment drives and referral schemes.

Employees proactively participate in several Xoriant events such as TechX (a bi-annual technology conclave), Hackathon, Fast-Track Leadership Program for Young Managers–(FLY), Spring board Program for campus hires, Leadership Acceleration Program (LEAP) and about 200+ skill development and training programs for new hires and employees.

Ritu Rungta, Marketing at Xoriant, says, “We at Xoriant believe that every employee contributes to the growth of the company. Each employee is given the platform and support, where they can bring their ideas to life and participate in different activities and events beyond their regular work to develop themselves, which in turn translates and forms the basis of the innovation attribute of the company.”

To further the process of empowerment, Xoriant organizes numerous rewards and recognition platforms including the bi-annual All Hands Meet, initiatives like ‘I Appreciate’ and ‘Kudos Badge’ to recognize and appreciate the performance of innovative thinkers.
Open & Collaborative Culture

Employees at Xoriant can connect with senior management and Center Heads through various engagements and initiatives like ‘Meet the Management’. They are provided a culture of openness, collaboration, celebration and camaraderie along with a host of organization-wide events. For instance, ‘Umang’ is a dedicated fun at work committee organized by cross-functional teams who plan a set of engaging and interesting activities every month at their respective locations. Other events include ‘Hobby-Lobby’, an initiative that enlivens passion and fun in everyday work while ‘Touching Lives’ is a CSR program where employees are given a platform to contribute back to the society through different initiatives such as education for the underprivileged children, women empowerment and environment awareness. Apart from this, Xoriant ensures monthly employee wellness initiatives like 'Be Heard' with in-house counsellors, bi-weekly doctor visits.

At Xoriant, ‘continuous improvement’ is not just a catchphrase. The firm solicits feedbacks from its employees through multiple platforms. Some of them include Vox Populi, 1-3-6 months feedback, mechanisms to raise grievances/alarms like Whistle blower and Rendezvous with HR.

Jayanta Rudra, an employee of Xoriant, adds, “Being a recent joinee, I am fascinated to experience the strong employee-centric culture that is instilled and practiced across the organization. It’s a sense of great pride for me to be a part of such a progressive culture, where innovation, career growth and wellness are equally prioritized”. Xoriant is always seeking ambitious and innovative professionals to be a part of its growing community. To explore opportunities at Xoriant, visit

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Arun Tendulkar, COO
Having served many leadership, technical, consultancy and managerial positions, Arun is renowned for his ability to lead high-performance teams, deliver quality solutions, nurture strong client relationships and deliver value to stakeholders

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