Yokogawa: A Flag-bearer that Showcases Japanese Quality at its Finest

Sajiv Nath,Regional Chief Executive For The Middle East,  Africa & India Operation

Sajiv Nath

Regional Chief Executive For The Middle East, Africa & India Operation

Yokogawa is a leading provider of Industrial Automation and Test & Measurement solutions.Combining superior technology with engineering services, project management, and maintenance, this pioneering business organization delivers field-proven operational efficiency, safety, quality, and reliability consistently. Upon founding the company, Tamisuke Yokogawa encouraged Ichiro Yokogawa, the future president, and Shin Aoki, the future chief engineering officer, saying, "You don't need to worry about profits. Just learn and improve our technology. You must make products that earn us the respect of our customers." These words still hold much importance in the everyday operations of the company. Based on the company's founding principles, the Yokogawa Philosophy was formulated in 1988 as a statement on Yokogawa's mission to society that provides guidance on values and the actions that Yokogawa's people should take.

In 2021, Yokogawa's Purpose was established to represent the company's commitment to meet the requirements and expectations of customers, markets, and society, and express the meaning of their existence in the society. It aims to unify and give the organization and its people the strength and ambition to drive and accelerate the transformation that can greatly benefit society. Through autonomy and symbiosis, Yokogawa strives to create sustainable value and lead the way in solving global issues. And by doing that, Yokogawa makes it clear that they prioritize on the overall development of the society rather than just focusing on their profits. Operating with the core values of respect, value creation, collaboration, integrity, and gratitude, Yokogawa continues to strive for achieving greater goals both in the corporate realm and in society.

Operating For The Greater Good Of The Society
Adding more about the company and its unique operations, Sajiv Nath, MD, Yokogawa India says "We are a global leader in auto
mation and control for process industries such as oil and gas, iron, mining, renewable energy, pharmaceutical and food and beverages to name a few. With over 100+ years of industry experience and expertise, we have been able to cement our legacy as a pioneering industry leader. Through our services, we want to contribute to the society and positively impact human lives. We have been operating in India for more than three decades now Over the years, we have also been able to steadily increase our market presence and come up with new and innovative products. Our strong points are co-innovation and we strive to solve our customers pain points. To achieve that, we invest a lot in R&D to always stay on top of our game. The innovations that we introduced have even become industry standards later and this acts as a testament that showcases the quality of our offerings.

Realizing a sustainable society is a common concern for all humankind and essential for the continued existence of the company

"Our customer-centric approach is one of the biggest USP for us and the fact that we prioritize on customer satisfaction is shown by the success of our products. We constantly keep in touch with the customers and we also have 24/7 online support in order to ensure that all our customers are satisfied. All this meticulous attention to every detail ensures minimum failures and we believe that supplying a product or a solution is just the beginning. By offering extended support to our clients, we ensure that we createa loyal customer base that is ever-increasing. Through our unique operational philosophy, we are also able to help our clients upgrade to advanced technologies seamlessly. Apart from all these, we contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities, including developing and providing safe, socially useful products and solutions for our customers. We understand that realizing a sustainable society is a common concern for all humankind and essential for the continued existence of the company, and act on our own initiative to address this challenge", states Sajiv while talking about what makes Yokogawa stand out from the rest in the industry.

Now, most are talking about digital transformation, and Yokogawa has a proven track record for not only coming up with innovative products but also being a front runner when it comes to incorporating the latest technologies so that they can constantly improve the quality and usability of their deliverables. Their constant effort for continuous improvement has also helped the company to stay ahead of the curve and make a paradigm shift in Industrial Automation and bring in Industrial Autonomy IA2IA, as Yokogawa, calls it to help their clients to turn their process more productive and safer.

With their drive to help society and leverage technology to achieve it, Yokogawa aspires to break new business frontiers and become synonymous with innovation and autonomous operation in the future.

Sajiv Nath, Regional Chief Executive For The Middle East, Africa & India Operation
Sajiv is a pioneering business leader who aspires to bring in inno vative changes so that Yokogawa, along with its clients, can continue moving forward to reach greater heights.