ZOAPI : One Stop Solution for All Meeting Room Needs

Prashanth NS,Co-Founder & CBO

Prashanth NS

Co-Founder & CBO

The Covid-19 Pandemic has thrust us forward into an era where the hybrid work model, meeting rooms, and collaboration tools have become more critical than ever before. The pace of change has been so rapid and dramatic that legacy hard codec based conferencing room systems don't suffice anymore. And, if you are a user seeking a single point solution with all the features of in person as well as want to host multiple conference meetings on a device of your own choice, then, Zoapi comes off as the ideal next generation meeting room solution that offers a hub for essential collaborations featured in a single solution including Multi-VC Conferencing, Wireless, and Wired Presentation, Digital Signage and centralized Panel for IT admins, and much more.

Zoapi Hub is a complete meeting room solution that offers its product both as an Installable SaaS based software or as a preinstalled plug and play hardware. The product Zoapi Hub Proware with Premium plan is an exciting option available to Zoapi users. It offers great flexibility to the existing customers by converting huge capex into opex. What's even more remarkable is the fact that Zoapi users also have the flexibility to use their own hardware.

In the preinstalled segment, Zoapi offers two products, the Zoapi Hub Pro and Zoapi Hub Basic. While the Pro is the fast moving solution, targeted at Huddle rooms and Conference-rooms that require support for multiple Video Conferencing solutions along with other collaboration offerings, Zoapi Hub Basic, on the other hand, is suitable for users requiring budget rooms for Wireless Presentations.

Zoapi also offers a unique android based application that can convert any android tablet into a complete meeting room scheduler the Zoapi RS. When placed outside the meeting room, the Zoapi RS displays the current meeting room status with easy-to-read color codes. That's not all. The users can also book an adhoc meeting with just a click of a button just before entering the meeting room or view the meeting room bookings outside the meeting room without any personal device. It also has advanced features such as auto cancellation on "no-
shows," so that resources can be freed up and made available for others, if not being used. The best part is that Zoapi provides free 15-day trial licenses to all its customers to explore its product and offerings.

Welcome To The Next Gen Meeting Room & Classroom Solution
Previously, System Integrators would procure multiple products from different OEMs to make a complete solution for a meeting room. Zoapi offers all these in a single solution. Zoapi provides a solution for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with wireless presentation capability, allowing upto 16 users to simultaneously share their screen on the main display and collaborate.

Zoapi has seamlessly supported multiple conferencing solutions, with more than 85% of the enterprises using two or more video conferencing solutions to connect with their employees, customers, and vendors

And, with BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) Conferencing solution, users can use any Video Conferencing solution of their choice, whether it is Zoom, Teams, WebEx, or Meet.

Zoapi is built with a cloud first architecture that makes it stand apart. Zoapi's cloud-based device discovery mechanism dramatically simplifies the user experience to a great deal and provides a cloud based admin dashboard for easy access to device configuration for IT admins. The cloud dashboard also brings in additional benefits of getting insights on meeting room usage and user behavior patterns as well.

Conceived in 2019, Zoapi has seamlessly supported multiple conferencing solutions. More than 85% of enterprises using two or more video conferencing solutions to connect with their employees, customers, and vendors. Being able to use a single solution for Zoom, Teams, and other applications makes it seamless for the Zoapi users to use the AV system in the meeting room. And unlike other solutions Zoapi provides an App store for easy management of collaborative apps for the IT admin. The app based ecosystem provided by the dashboard allows the admin to configure the Zoapi Hub for more than just presentation and conferencing!

There have been plenty of instances where users have used the Zoapi Hub to replace physical phones where users were able to leverage the existing AV infrastructure to make regular phone calls. Moreover, the Zoapi app ecosystem’s VOD and OTT features are instrumental in conducting classrooms and training room sessions.

While most of the solutions out there today are device based solutions, Zoapi offers its solution as a software based application. The company offers an OTA upgrade policy where all users get new updates with the latest features and bug fixes hassle-free.