Growing Trends of Hair Care Industry in Last Few Decades

Arpit Jain, Founder, Auraine BotanicalsPeople have always been conscious about their looks. They have always taken their looks, beauty and appearance seriously, regardless of any decade, century or era. To make them more beautiful, cosmetic industry came into being and has evolved over the period of time. The changes were less prominent and slow in the beginning, but by the 20th century, trends and styles changed rapidly from decade to decade. Even though the hair industry has witnessed changes throughout these times uncovering much more than a skin-deep history. And so these changes are responsible for the social roles of women throughout history, as well as how women saw themselves. The history reveals each societal definition of physical beauty itself.

Hair is one of the first feature the world sees and the hair products that express well-being stand out among buyers. In terms of hair lustrous hair indicates health, while dull and dry hair are the indicator of poor habits and even malnutrition. At the same time, well-being can have a larger scope beyond appearance as savvy consumers want hair care products that are safe, sustainable and eco-friendly. Now, the growing trend in fashion industry and increase in the aging population is booming hair market globally. In addition, rise in male grooming products is also driving the growth of the hair market across the globe.

Hair care market flourishes on the growing and changing needs of global consumers. Within an increasingly competitive and segmented marketplace, brands are challenged to respond to diverse hair types, ethnicities, cultures and regions. They also need to prerequisite emerging economies, a knowledgeable youth
market, and an expanding group of fashion forward shoppers.

Today, the hair industry has become a professional arena under which there are several specialized fields comprising of hair colorist, esthetician, hair technician, hairstylist etc. The industry is now so focused that many companies are sending their stylist overseas to learn the global trends & techniques and at the same time spread the knowledge they have learnt through the means of trainings and workshops. This shows how cosmetic market is evolving. There are so many products available in the market starting from hair colors that cover greys, to hair spa and taming solutions that brings life back to the hair. Further, conditioner segment in hair care market is growing rapidly. These factors have driven the growth of economy, changing lifestyle, and rising trend towards professional hair treatment boosting the global market.

The future of hair care industry lies in the product that restores the hair back to natural state with no side-effects, no harmful chemicals and no artificial look

There are so many big market players in the industry that has created the products with unique set of chemical and physical properties, the highly versatile materials that not only conditions hair, but also can be used to add shine, make untangling easy, provide color protection, resist heat while styling, improve hair strength, repairs damaged hair, add moisture, retain curl, control frizz, add volume or even reduce volume.

The global hair care market today is worth well over $75 billion. One of the most important factors that contribute in the growth of personal care is the rapid rate of urbanization across the Asian and other developing markets.

According to a recent research in India, hair care products continued to register strong growth in 2016. Hair care current value stands at a growth rate of eight percent in 2016, with sales reaching Rs.192.8 billion. An increasing focus on beauty and looks by urban Indian consumers propelled growth. Consumers in India are more aware of the harmful effects of chemicals and are willing to shell more money on products that are globally renowned, safe to use and produced in a sustainable environment.

The future of hair care industry lies in the product that restores the hair back to natural state with no side-effects, no harmful chemicals and no artificial look. In past few years, natural products have witnessed a higher demand due to increasing consumer awareness about ill-effects of such products. The market is big and supports opportunities for the brands and consumers, with the latest technologies entering into the market. The industry seems to grow at an exponential rate and is set to achieve more in the times to come.