How Smart Classes/Web Learning can Avoid Damage to the Education System during Unforeseen Situations

Muneer has been a part of the Audio Visual Industry for over 18 years and was associated with BenQ India as the Regional Sales Manager.

COVID-19 pandemic has affected education sector majorly making it difficult for the teachers and students to travel to institutes/schools for attending lectures. The learning process of the students worldwide is getting affected, especially in India where very less educational institutes/schools have the provision of digital/smart education. At this time, the need of an hour is to introduce digital/smart education and take classes online to which would help cope up with the loss of education. Regular online lectures will help students and teachers to complete the curriculum in time.

Interactive Learning Experience
Digital teaching helps teachers to deliver lectures more successfully by using the different projections in their presentation to elaborate and explain the topic. Teachers can effortlessly explain each and every part of the chapters by using various special features and graphic presentations. It benefits to create a speedy interactive Q&A session between teachers and students that really makes a pleasing learning atmosphere among the students.

Flexible & Time Saving
Going to school and taking notes from teachers is time consuming and is a traditional way of teaching. Digital/smart learning technology allows teachers to make presentation and share with the students which saves time used in making notes and helps teachers to utilise that time in another interactive activities. On the other hand, smart/digital education is flexible as it allows teachers and students to update and adapt their schedule anytime and anywhere they like, all they want is a laptop or a digital device that can display the virtual content with good internet connectivity.

Increased Productivity
Documents shared with the support of intelligent class technology is presented in a visual format that more likely engage the students. They not only connect but, they understand and memorise things more easily in a minimal time. This helps teachers and students to be more productive during the lectures.

Easy & Remote Access to Online Resources
Smart/web learning has digital boards which can split the screens that are synchronized. If a teacher shares any practical solution from the web while students can see numerous resources on the internet.

Web/smart education allows remote access in content. It allows easy documentation and cloud storage which allows students and teachers to access content anytime they want enabling students to revise or learn anytime they want after the class

Enhanced Learning Experience
Digital classroom conducts interactive session between students and teachers as information can be illustrated with the help of photos, graphs, presentation, animated videos, maps and more. This makes learning more interesting and easy to understand as it encourages the ability of students to learn and memorise for the long time. As it is been said that learning through visuals helps in grabbing the subject faster and easier.

In these testing times, when the entire nation is on lockdown and is fighting with the pandemic, it is important to stay home but not to forget that to help in coping up with the education getting hampered, the best alternative is to opt for digital/smart education. A web leaning is not a new concept in India lot of international schools and colleges have already introduced smart education in schools.

Latest data from Statista, on e-learning shows that 92 percent of students worldwide are interested in the use of digital devices for learning and nothing can be a right time like today when our schools, colleges and institutes are closed. Digital/smart education will help teachers to close the syllabus in right time and will give students purpose and routine in such difficult times.