Are Educational Apps a Game Changer?

Aakash Chaudhary, Director, Aakash InstituteThe world has fundamentally changed as the new technology transpires through the years. The mobile devices that were considered the most egregious classroom distraction now offer plethora of learning opportunities to students gradually reforming the crux of education. It offers a unique and unforgettable experience using just the right tools at your disposal.

Over the past years the use of handheld devices has surely exploded, providing children with a wide array of technological tools at their finger tips. As we rage into the world of technology based learning, educational apps have taken the world by storm providing numerous possibilities for the advancement of education and learning. With the advent of educational apps, students are able to learn along with their global comrades in a much easier way with just a click of a button. Educational apps make the learning process more informative, engaging and captivating for children. Moreover, the students are able to learn at their own pace and not feel constrained by the pre set time schedules, thereby encouraging absolute learning. Breaking all stereotypes, educational apps have freed all inhibitions regarding their use with their ability to incorporate learning with visuals to make the process compelling, interactive and exciting for children.

Going a step ahead, with an aim to unite learners across borders, educational apps have been able to bring all the students
under the same umbrella. Disadvantaged areas that had no access to any kind of education are now provided with educational content in a project run by UNESCO, wherein it distributes educational content and resource material through SMS texts to students. This not only helps build a literate world but also retain and strengthen their literacy skills which would have otherwise remained stunted.

While the need for technology has always found space in education, educational apps have defined all odds and escalated to the stature that it holds today

Educational apps have created a rich tapestry of technology enabled learning experience marking a shift in the way we learn. The advent of educational apps has turned the passive recipients of knowledge into more active and involved learners by providing them with access to audios, video lessons, images and even virtual field trips. Apps enable students to solve math equations, understand science in an interesting way, learn and retain historical facts with ease and take quizzes that serve to enrich their knowledge. They have, thus, become ubiquitous in classrooms, thereby improving learning, test scores as well as attendances. Aakash iTutor, the self learning module by Aakash, also offers app based learning and has found tremendous traction among students by providing study material in a clear, concise and easy to understand format. It offers a number of high quality video lessons that can be paused and repeated as many times as desired. Further, students can avail its benefits by taking lectures anywhere and at any time of the day and can also retake the module if required.

While the need for technology has always found space in education, educational apps have defined all odds and escalated to the stature that it holds today. They are simple to manage over a fleet of mobile devices, thereby giving more control to teachers. Teachers can now deliver engaging lessons, monitor the progress of students, get immediate feedback and stay organised on the mobile phone.

Educational apps, thus, represent a potential breakthrough in the way children learn. It is truly a game changer and is edging towards a spectacular future. It has created a more relaxed environment for learners without the overriding focus on a white board or a single screen offering unique opportunities to millions of children who are underserved by traditional educational programs.