One for the Silver Lining

The sun is a beautiful thing, in silence is drawn, between the trees, only the beginning of light.

For aspiring poets that may sound a brilliant piece. For textbook crawlers, this piece might require a self help guide to understand it. For others, who may not know squat about poetry, there is not so much here for them. However, the poetry or the brilliance of it has nothing to do with the catch here. To great amusement, this is a attempt on poetry by an AI ! Artificial Intelligence.

You thought AI can take over the planet? But here it is "Robert Frosting" its way to our hearts. Long story made short, AI has imbibed it presence in almost every aspect of our life. Indian AI enthusiast can't keep their spirits in a jar to claim the future for AI. Now, while all that merriment is well placed, we must not overlook the feats of a several other domains that felt the brunt of the pandemic. India, as a culture, has defined persistence historically. It was technology dipped in the never ‘back down' attitude that led the Indian corporate through the stormy waters.

Fourth industrial revolution technologies emerged as a key driver of resilient supply chains, helping companies survive the pandemic. Manufacturing companies responded to these three trends by working on both short and medium term measures. In the short term, they focused on ensuring business continuity, the protection of employees, and the minimization of disruption across their operations. For the midterm many companies started to move towards establishing new networks of local supply ecosystems and diversifying of their supplier base.

In an interesting conversation with Radha Basu, one of India's pioneering AI entrepreneur, she said, "Data is part of an infinite loop that can only produce opportunities with its growth. The data you feed to an AI model, will only catapult the productivity of your firm. The sooner you realize the potential of AI and Data, the faster you can assume the growth of your organization".

While we appreciate the plethora of companies and service providers that have adapted & evolved and stood the test of time, it is imperative to recognize their efforts and success this year. siliconindia will keep to its tradition and thus brings you the esteemed Company of the Year - 2021.