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    Entrepreneurship employs what Joseph Schumpeter called "the gale of creative destruction" which uproots existing market offerings partially or completely and replaces it with products or services of a superior nature. The entrepreneur who pioneers this process takes considerable amount of risk and initiative to convert an idea or an invention into an innovation having viable business opportunity. Standing in entrepreneurs’ way would be the roadblocks of lack of funding, bad business decisions, economic crises, or lack of market demand which have to be successfully overcome if they do not plan to join the multitude of nascent ventures that close down within years of their institution. Thus when such an enterprise sees light, the men behind it are often hailed as...

50 Most Promising Entrepreneurs of the Year - 2017

Company Person's Name Designation Person's Profile
Abhinav Raghav Abhinav Raghav Founder & CEO Abhinav presently works on an innovative business model on solar energy having served multiple roles in various companies
Anitha R Anitha R Co-Founder & CEO Having pursued B.Tech in biotechnology from SRM University and Masters Degree in Biomedicine from University of Portsmouth, Anitha leads Yaathum Biotech which offers high quality real-time PCR kits & services for molecular diagnostics and research in life sciences
Anshuman Agrawal Anshuman Agrawal Managing Director With skills in statistical tools, power plants, team building, technical recruiting and team leadership, Aunshman has demonstrated his managerial skills in the oil & energy industry
Aronin P Aronin P Co-Founder & CEO The fascination with electronics and the passion of becoming a creator has led Aronin to setup Sastra Robotics in 2012, with an ambitious goal of creating perfect robotic companions for humans
Arun. C. Michael Arun. C. Michael Managing Director As a young techie, under the leadership of Arun, the company is providing solutions in waste treatment plant construction, independent projects and management of various holdings across the globe
Ashish Baheti Ashish Baheti Owner Having pursued his B.Tech from IIT-Kanpur, Ashish is a first genereation entrepreneur who has started his career in 1990
Ashok DM Ashok DM MD & CEO Specialised in program management and delivery management, Ashok is a determined individual who manages a team of around hundred engineers in chip design, verification and validation projects
Avinash Gope Hiranandani Avinash Gope Hiranandani Managing Director A Mechanical Engineer student from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, University of Pune, Avinash plays an eminent role in the growth of the organization
Bibhash Chatterjee Bibhash Chatterjee Founder Perfect understanding of the client needs and creativity are the two key skills that Bibhash leverage while designing interiors for hotels, commercial residences, rooms, lounges, bars, health clubs and spa
DB Prabhu DB Prabhu Founder After a rewarding career in the IT industry for 17 years, DB Prabhu pursued higher education in IIM Bangalore and later co-founded Repose Waste Management as a green entrepreneurial venture
Dharmesh Surelia Dharmesh Surelia Founder, Chairman & MD Known for his resourceful, result-focused approach, Dharmesh has grown his company exponentially at a rate of 80-90 percent
Dinesh Jai Kumar Dinesh Jai Kumar Director Dinesh has 10 years of experience of having worked in providing energy efficient HVAC design and build solutions for various work environments
Dipali Sikand Dipali Sikand Founder & Chairperson “Why worry about tomorrow and take away today’s strength?”
Dr. S. N. Vinaya Babu Dr. S. N. Vinaya Babu Managing Director Dr. Vinaya Babu, a serial entrepreneur who has won several national awards, has been instrumental in terms of both strategic leadership and operational management
Dr. Vijai Kumar Dr. Vijai Kumar MD & President Having over 40 years of experience in Global Drug Development, Strategic Relationship Building, Business Development, and various other aspects of clinical research & pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Vijay was recognized recently as an inspiring leader in drug development and life sciences industry
Dr. Vijay L Kelkar Dr. Vijay L Kelkar Founder & Chairman Dr. Kelkar has had numerous previous engagements such as former chairman, finance commission, Union finance secretary to the Government of India, Executive Director at IMF, and Chairman tariff commission amongst others
Ganesh Raghuram Kamath Ganesh Raghuram Kamath Director Having pursued education in pharmacetical sciences, Ganesh has worked as research scientist and as vice president in different companies before assuming directorial role in Organica Biotech
Jayendran Balasubramanian Jayendran Balasubramanian Director As an IITian who has completed M.S. in Mechanical engineering from Stanford University, Jayendran directs Nextfirst which is the machine supplier of choice for numerous Fortune 500 companies
K M Ramiah K M Ramiah Chairman Skilled in administration and on-time completion of projects, K M Ramiah comes with 47 years of experience in handling major projects including power plants
Kaizad Dinshaw Kaizad Dinshaw Founder Kaizad has over eight years of experience across a wide range of residential and commercial projects and is an accomplished interior designer
Kanishk Sheel Kanishk Sheel Vice President- Client Services Having more than five years of experience in KPOs and International Market Research firms, Kanishk is committed to develop Unimrkt Research' s strategy
Kuldeep Jain Kuldeep Jain Managing Director Having headed the Corporate Finance and Energy Practice of McKinsey and company during his career of more than a decade, Kuldeep now heads a clean-tech company
Manish Doshi Manish Doshi Managing Director With inventorial skills and strong experience in product development in cardiovascular devices, Manish has patented numerous medical devices
Marco Antonio Gloria Calvo Marco Antonio Gloria Calvo Chairman, CEO & Director Having an international career spanning over two decades, Marco is a positive operational and strategic team leader with proven track record of delivering major change with short and long term results in sales and marketing, distribution and others
Meetu Bhasin Meetu Bhasin Director With over 10 years experience in research modeling, analysis, project execution, client services, strategical plannng and execution, Meetu is responsible for building the strategy and planning operations in line with the vision of Ken Research
Nikunj Harlalka Nikunj Harlalka Co-Founder & Director Nikunj is a serial entrepreneur in fragrance and fragrance ingredients space and has setup four different enterprises in the past ten years
Nitin Mehrotra Nitin Mehrotra Managing Director Having worked in marketing & strategic planning in other companies prior to Ubico, Nitin had all that he needed to lead the business strategy, market research and concept validation within the company
Nrupender Rao Nrupender Rao Chairman & Non Executive Director Nrupender has 40 years of experience in various domains and has occupied various positions in compaies like National Cash Register, US; Union Carbide India and the Nagarjuna and Pennar groups
Pawan Sharma Pawan Sharma Co-Founder & Director Bestowed with strong project execution capabilities, Pawan has co-instituted Rays Power Infra in 2011 which is the largest solar power park owner of India
PM Praveen Das PM Praveen Das Managing Director For more than 17 years, Praveen's passion has been in advertising and design, which has helped his company build more than five international brands ground up
Puneet Talesara Puneet Talesara Managing Director Graduation from IIT Guwahati bestows Puneet with business acumen, out of the box approach, deep market insight which aids him in innovating the field of control room solutions
Rajat Sharma Rajat Sharma Co-Founder & Director Rajat is a telecom solutions expert who pioneered the implementation of the new breed technologies in the country like VoIP
R.S. Raghav R.S. Raghav CEO Having previously served in managerial and presidential roles in Lupin, Rakhav founded Oaknet in 2015 with its core focus on non-communicable diseases
Rakesh Bharti Mittal Rakesh Bharti Mittal Chairman Rakesh serves as the chairman of numerous enterprises of the Bharti Group of companies, handles different roles in IPJPF, ICAR, PIAC, NFPDC and others. Being a passionate advocate of right to good education, he also serves on the boards of several educational institutions
Sakthivel Venkatraman Sakthivel Venkatraman Managing Director Having served diffreent roles in companies such as TCS, NIIT and OfficeTiger, Sakthivel has perfected his skills in management, business development and team mangement which enables him to lead the legal slutions company
Satya Prasan Rajguru Satya Prasan Rajguru Managing Director Changemasters Management Consulting, Infield Infotech are compnes for which Satya is working as a Director
Shivakumar Ganesan Shivakumar Ganesan Managing Director Having showcased a scintillating career in Yahoo!, Shivakumar ventured on to create Exotel, which provides telephony on the cloud for its clients
Shivendra Srivastava Shivendra Srivastava Director With a degree in electronics and post graduate degree in marketing, Shivendra ventured into biotechnology with a focus on natural sweeteners
Shriganesh Bansod Shriganesh Bansod Managing Director With extensive experience in the big names of the banking sector such as ICICI, Kotak Mahindra, and HDFC, shriganesh presently directs IBG Fincon, a financial planning company
Smitha Murthy Smitha Murthy Founder & Director Having a Master's degree in Molecular Medicine from the University of Sheffield, UK, Smitha has founded a start-up focused on molecular diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases
Sujith Thannikkatt Sujith Thannikkatt Founder & CEO Having successfully delivered award winning consulting projects to Fortune 500 firms for business development and asset management, Sujith presently leads an organization with the concept of solar leasing or rooftop solar PPA in India
Trushal B. Alshi Trushal B. Alshi Managing Director With expertise in hardware, firmware, embedded product development and analog/digital chip level circuit design that come from his vast experience in these segments, Trushal now leads the company in developing state of the art products in Audio/Video domain
Vijay Mirchandani Vijay Mirchandani Director A post graduate in business administration with varied and well-rounded experience, Vijay manages business operations and accounts at Lucid
Vinay Kalantari Vinay Kalantari Managing Director Apart from being the founder of The Mobile Wallet, Vinay is also the Promoter of Balaji Infra Projects Limited & Dighi Port Limited apart from being the founder and managing director of Que Mobiles
Vipin Bansal Vipin Bansal Managing Director Skilled in business strategy, marketing strategy and Pharmaceutical industry, Vipin has grown the company to leading manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceuticals, herbal, hygiene & veterinary products in India
Viraj Kohli Viraj Kohli Chief Marketing Officer Viraj leads the company's sales and marketing efforts, with a team of young and dynamic professionals aided by his skills and experience in these domains
Yashwant Ram Meesala Yashwant Ram Meesala Director & CEO With M.S. in manufacturing engineering from New Jersey institute of technology, Yashwant handles New Business Development, Strategic Planning, Project Planning, Coordinating Teams for- Design, Project Implementation and Commissioning within the company
Yasser Ali Yasser Ali Co-Founder & Director Business acumen, passion to excel, conviction, and leadership skills help Yasser in developing a multi-brand portfolio, building high level strategic partnerships, expansion of franchise network and so on for his company
Yatishkumar Gianchand Pandey Yatishkumar Gianchand Pandey Managing Director Having become the direcor of Texperts in 2004, Yatishkumar leads the company which is an international textile sourcing, marketing and garment buying source