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    Empowering Digital World Where Technology Meets Excellence By driving innovation and economic growth, technology companies play a key role in today's world. They're creating cutting edge products and services that are transforming industries, enhancing communication, and improving the quality of life. These companies are contributing to the development of fields such as health care, education and transport by promoting global connectivity and efficiency. In addition, it contributes to job creation and the development of skills which in turn fuels a digital economy. Tech firms are constantly innovated, enabling them to deal with a wide variety of world encounters and become indispensable for the development of modern, integrated societies. Unlocking Potential...

Best Tech Companies To Work For - 2024


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Telus International Telus International Arshad Majeed, Regional Vice President - Service Delivery Helping organizations optimize their business processes and improve digital experience, includes a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions that allow it to become a strategic partner for businesses
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ausan Tech Solutions Ausan Tech Solutions Clement Mathew, Director - Sales Helping businesses add digital workforce and scale-up RPA adoption through hyperautomation with competencies on RPA software tools like UiPath & automation anywhere
AutomationEdge AutomationEdge Uday Birajdar, Co-Founder & CEO Provider of hyperautomation, RPA and IT automation solutions, creating an intuitive experience, that makes information accessible, integrate core business applications
Indegene Indegene Dr.Vashita Dixit, Senior Director - Medical Affairs & Review Solutions Helps biopharmaceutical, emerging biotech and medical device companies develop products, bring together healthcare domain expertise, and an agile operating model to provide a diverse range of solutions
Jumpstarter Jumpstarter Ranbeer Makin, Founder & CTO Offers a range of startup services including product development, prototyping (MVP), AI and Gen AI POCs and development to support the growth and success of emerging businesses
Klizo Solutions Klizo Solutions Joseph Ricard, Founder A specialized development company that builds amazing technology and crafts remarkable web, mobile & SaaS solutions
Neebal Technologies Neebal Technologies Vijay Agarwal, CEO Provides top-notch technology solutions across agro, pharma, healthcare,industries with a prime focus on hyperautomation, offering system integration, enterprise mobility, digital services
The AI Studio The AI Studio Amit Singh, Founder Dedicated to providing comprehensive AI support to businesses across various industries to enhance their operations, and achieve their strategic objectives
Torry Harris Integration Solutions Torry Harris Integration Solutions Shuba Sridhar, VP-Strategic Initiatives A market leader in IT consulting and integration services, also provides specialized expertise that helps businesses navigate complex ecosystems and maximize the value of their digital assets
 Unique System Skills Unique System Skills Santosh Salvi, Founder & CEO A dynamic organization offering comprehensive technical training and staffing solutions to empower careers globally