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    This year education went online. Colleges were forced to go digital within just a snap of the fingers to continue their students' learning graph. From teaching to learning first, teachers took a U-turn to upgrade themselves to be able to teach their students online. Colleges had to even fix their administrative process online while transition their physical books digital. Despite huge challenges, colleges ensured that their student's learning never took a back seat. Unlike the earlier years, when training and placements were a little easy, this digital transition made the colleges give a thought to how to make it seamless so that their students do not have to face any employment problems. On the other hand, they worked along with the corporate world to ensure their...

College Of The Year - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Entrepreneurship & Management Processes International (EMPI) Entrepreneurship & Management Processes International (EMPI) Pankaj Saran, President EMPI has been consistently ranked among the top 25 management institutions in the country and has been ranked top 10 for its intellectual capital.
Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Managing Director Bangalore bioinnovation centre holds rich expertise in offering funding, mentorship, events & workshops, branding/networking services, and many others to its incubatees
Indian Institute Of Art And Design Indian Institute Of Art And Design Dr. Jitin Chadha, Director IIAD engages in systematic interactions with the industry throughout the year to allow students to establish contacts and networks with the industry