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  • December Spotlight Edition – 2022

    Given the pragmatic shifts in this competitive business world today, it is vital of industries to continue evolving taking advantage of new trade opportunities, technologies, and consumer demands, in order to thrive and excel. Though, COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge setback across significant industries, rebounding the businesses many sectors are promisingly displaying growth, be it IT/ITES, Clothing, Healthcare Advertising, HR Service Providers, Corporate Training, Cloud Transformation & Automation, Web Design Development, including others. The healthcare market in India is diverse comprising hospitals, outpatient care services, medical tourism, and diagnostic services, and for its prolific growth healthcare advertising is also dynamically contributing. As per Market Data...

December Spotlight Edition – 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
EJT Group EJT Group Sheetal Gupta, Founder & CEO With the changing times, everything is becoming digital, with many organisations including e-Wallet banking. As a result, the market is vast, and enterprises like ours may expect to grow tenfold in the next two years
Metalocus Learning Metalocus Learning Shaji Nair, Chief Consultant It has increased learners' expectations and they are no longer persuaded or motivated by a one-size-fits-all approach to learning.
Pirai Infotech Pirai Infotech Gokul, Founder and Chief Executive Looking at the bigger picture of how IT industry is ramping up, Cloud Adoption and DevOps transformation will become indispensable
Quantum Infotech Quantum Infotech Manjunath Shastry, Director We will keep expanding the boundaries of our creative capacity to deliver our smart web design solutions with better visual effects and more technologically