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  • 10 Most Promising Infrastructure Development Consultants - 2023

    Infrastructure development consultant companies are firms that specialize in providing a wide range of services related to planning, designing, managing, and overseeing the construction and development of infrastructure projects. These projects can encompass various sectors, including transportation, energy, utilities, water resources, and public facilities. Prominent infrastructure development consultant companies may vary by region and expertise. These companies provide essential expertise and support for infrastructure projects that are vital for the economic and social development of communities and nations. Siliconindia in this issue presents a list of  `November Special­ - 2023' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in providing...

10 Most Promising Infrastructure Development Consultants - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Abel Engineering Consultants Abel Engineering Consultants Ajitadev Pandit, Founder & CEO An industry provides engineering project consulting services & management consultancy services, specializing in topographical land survey, bathymetry, LIDAR, drone survey and more
Bluestream Infrastructure Development Consultants Bluestream Infrastructure Development Consultants Sanjeev Kumar, Director-Operations A multidisciplinary firm providing innovative solutions in design, engineering, and project management for wastewater reuse and urban water supply in the water and urban development sector
Fortress Infracon Fortress Infracon Ajay Agrawal, Executive Director An integrated infrastructure consultancy across various sectors like transportation, urban infrastructure, water supply & sanitation, tourism, industrial & more for government and private sectors
IDeCK IDeCK T Paul Koshy, Executive Vice President A development consulting firm provides services to government and private government sectors and services range from planning & design, to project finance and many more
Infrastructure Advisors Infrastructure Advisors Praveen Sethia, Founder & Director A professional with two decades of experience in the field and services for both the government and private sector, specializing in business strategy, PPP projects evaluation & many more
Pentacle Consultants India Pentacle Consultants India Mahendra More, CEO An infrastructure consulting firm that partner with clients globally and range of services including for road, bridge, tunnels and buildings to all kind of industries like railway, ports, terminals and many more
PriMove India PriMove India Ajeet Oak, Director A professional provides support services to private and government sectors and a wide range of services water supply, sewage, storm water management, highways & bridges and many more
SSID Consultants SSID Consultants Balaji Suresh Sunku, Director A consultancy services offer architectural planning, civil designs, structural designs, project management, repair & rehabilitation, electrical, HVAC and other services for different types of projects
Structure & Highway Engineering Consultants Structure & Highway Engineering Consultants Preetibala Rajput, Managing Director An engineering consultants firm with a rich legacy of 15 years in the industry, specializing in the design of bridges, elevated corridors, highways, flyovers and railway bridge
Water Unit Infrastructure Consultancy Water Unit Infrastructure Consultancy Ashish Kalaskar, Founder & Director An infrastructure consultant firm technique in project planning, design, programming, management, and extensive prior experience in a diverse range of projects