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  • 10 Most Promising Psychometric Testing & Assessment Companies - 2023

    Psychometric testing and assessment companies specialize in developing and providing a wide range of psychological tests and assessments used for various purposes, including hiring and talent management, career development, psychological evaluation, and educational assessment. These assessments are designed to measure individuals' cognitive abilities, personality traits, skills, and other psychological attributes. Many of these companies offer consulting services to organizations to help them interpret and use assessment results effectively for decision-making and talent development. Some companies provide assessment center services, which involve a combination of tests, interviews, and exercises to evaluate job candidates' competencies and potential. These assessments and...

10 Most Promising Psychometric Testing & Assessment Companies - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
9Links 9Links Nivedita Srivastava, Founder & Principal Consultant A consulting firm works in the area of organizational development and behavioural assessment, specializing in employability skill assessment and psychometric assessments
AssessHub AssessHub Amit Desai, Co-Founder An online skill assessment platform that helps companies to hire, develop and measure talent and specialities in behavioural assessment, campus placements, recruitment software, psychometric tests and many more
HireSharp HireSharp Shalini Kapoor, Manager An assessment platform with organizational psychologists, recruitment and human resource experts in psychometrics assessments, working for small and medium companies
PMaps PMaps Tarvinder Kaur, Business Head A seasoned psychologists and OB practitioners firm with more than 20 years of experience in industrial psychology, statisticians, and IT experts, proficient in psychometric assessment, BPO, chat and many more
Psych4U Psych4U Niharika Bhargava, Founder A management consulting startup that provides psychometric testing services for corporates, social sectors, educational institutions individuals and more
Speedexam Speedexam Sadaf Syed, Managing Director A dynamic advanced online assessment and examination platform offers tailored solutions for industries and organizations, including job analysis, custom test content, competency based assessments and many more
Swayam Analytics Swayam Analytics Shilpa Datar, Founder & Director A psychometric assessment platform that analyzes physical, psychological, and ethical aspects to decode personality for individuals and corporations
The Mentors & Enablers The Mentors & Enablers Nanda Dave, Founder & Promoter A trainer & management consultant for human resource development & organizational development, professional in psychometric testing, profiling and many more
Thitpam Thitpam Vijayalakshmi M.E, Founder & Director A psychometric assessment consultancy working across various organizations including corporates, consultancies and educational institutions, offering psychological testing and assessment services
Traitfit Traitfit Vishal Sangale, Co-founder & CEO A company provides customizable solutions in the form of advanced psychometric tests for recruitment, L&D, organizational development, consultation, and campus hiring and much more