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  • 10 Most Promising Leaders In Healthcare Mumbai - 2023

    Leaders in healthcare in Mumbai play a pivotal role in shaping the city's medical landscape. Their commitment to advancing healthcare services is evident through strategic initiatives, innovative approaches, and a focus on patient-centric care. These leaders often navigate the complex intersection of medical advancements, technological integration, and societal health needs. In Mumbai, healthcare leaders champion the implementation of cutting-edge medical technologies, fostering collaborations with research institutions, and promoting continuous medical education for professionals. Their vision extends beyond the confines of hospital walls, encompassing community health programs and preventive measures to address prevalent health challenges. Moreover, effective leaders in...

10 Most Promising Leaders In Healthcare Mumbai - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Royal Dental Clinics Royal Dental Clinics Dr. Chirag Chamria, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon A dynamic beacon of innovation and excellence in the field of dentistry, expertise in zygomatic implants, cosmetic dentistry, orthognathic surgery, full mouth and oral cancer rehabilitation
Jaslok Hospital &  Research Centre Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre Jitendra Haryan, CEO A seasoned professional having strong strategic and analytical skills with over 23 years of working expertise, specializing in finance, audit, chartered accountant, leadership and many more
Hannah Joseph Hospital Hannah Joseph Hospital Dr. M.J. ArunKumar, Chairman & Managing Director An eminent professional having more 30+ years of experienced in the neurosurgeon, skilled in neurovascular, spine & skull base surgery, tumour, micro and endoscopic neurosurgery and many more
KJ Somaiya Hospital &  Research Centre KJ Somaiya Hospital & Research Centre Dr. Manisha (Ghodke) Bobade, CEO A result-oriented business leader with over 31years of versatile experience in the healthcare industry, expertise in diverse business management, operations, sales & marketing and many more
Sanjeevan Sanjeevan Dr. Rohan Goyal, CEO A vibrant leader with more than a decade of experience, specializing in healthcare management, acupuncturist, data analytics and integrating cutting-edge technology in ophthalmology
SRV Hospitals SRV Hospitals Sameer Pawar, CEO A visionary leader with over a decade of expertise in sales and healthcare sector, expertise in negotiation, P&L management, team leadership, healthcare management and many more
Dr. L H Hiranandani  Hospital Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital Sujit Chatterjee, CEO An innovative leader having more expertise in hospital & health care industry, skilled in mentoring, management, healthcare management, healthcare, leadership and many more
Sir. H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital Sir. H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital Dr. Tarang Gianchandani, Group CEO A prominent leader having 16+ years of experience in the healthcare industry, skilled in strategic planning, risk management, business, management and many more
Healthtrek Healthcare Healthtrek Healthcare Vikas Sharma, Founder & CEO An experienced leader with more than 25 years of experience in marketing and sales in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, sports & fitness and many more industry
Gleneagles Global Hospitals Gleneagles Global Hospitals Dr. Vivek Talaulikar, Chief Operating Officer A distinguished leader having 19+ years of experience in the healthcare sector, skilled in leadership, team building, operation management, business development and much more