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  • Top 10 Prominent NeuroSurgeons - 2023

    Leaders in healthcare in Mumbai play a pivotal role in shaping the city's medical landscape. Their commitment to advancing healthcare services is evident through strategic initiatives, innovative approaches, and a focus on patient-centric care. These leaders often navigate the complex intersection of medical advancements, technological integration, and societal health needs. In Mumbai, healthcare leaders champion the implementation of cutting-edge medical technologies, fostering collaborations with research institutions, and promoting continuous medical education for professionals. Their vision extends beyond the confines of hospital walls, encompassing community health programs and preventive measures to address prevalent health challenges. Moreover, effective leaders in...

Top 10 Prominent NeuroSurgeons - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Manipal Health Enterprises Manipal Health Enterprises Ajay Hegde, Consultant Neurosurgeon A team player with a strong commitment to providing seamless continuum of care for patients, skilled in neurosurgery, healthcare management, healthcare, clinical research, and more
Artemis Hospitals Artemis Hospitals Dr. Anuvrat Sinha, Associate Consultant Neurosurgeon A dynamic leader passionate about neurosurgery, expertise in brain tumours, spine, trauma with special interest in skull base, neuroendoscopy and neurovascular
Siu Ka Pha Multispeciality Hospital Siu Ka Pha Multispeciality Hospital Dr. Arijit Chakraborty, Consultant Neurosurgeon A dedicated neurosurgeon with a passion for advancing the field of neurosurgery with years of experience, specialize in stroke, spine surgery, brain tumor surgery and many more
Max Healthcare Max Healthcare Arun Saroha, Director-Neurosurgery An intelligent leader having a special interest in spine surgery for the 18 years, specializes in neuro-oncology, paediatric neurosurgery, neuro trauma, cerebrovascular surgery and many more
 Trijog Know Your Mind Trijog Know Your Mind Arushi Sethi, Co-Founder A luminary leader with over a decade of experience in the marketing field, skilled in marketing, communication, CRM, business development and many more
Paras Healthcare Paras Healthcare Dr. Devasheesh Kamra, Associate Consultant & Neuro intervention An innovative leader having more expertise in the hospital & health care industry, skilled in clinical research, hospitals, medicine, healthcare, and surgery
Dr. Laxminadh Sivaraju Dr. Laxminadh Sivaraju Dr. Laxminadh Sivaraju, Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon A distinguished consultant neuro and spine surgeon with over two decades of experience, specializing in patient handling, team work and many more
Fortis Healthcare Fortis Healthcare Nitish Agarwal, Consultant Neurosurgeon A prominent leader having 5+ years of experience in the stereotactic and neurosurgery, skilled in neurosurgery and spine surgery
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Pranav Ghodgaonkar Lead, Consultant Neurosurgeon A vibrant leader having 16 years of experience in healthcare industry, skilled in spine, neurosurgery, critical care nursing, and orthopedic surgery
Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre Yashoda Hospital & Research Centre Shishir Kumar, Consultant Neurosurgeon A neurosurgeon with experience and skills to perform simple as well as complex microsurgical, endovascular and endoscopic procedures and manage both adult and pediatric patients