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Onkar Singh,Founder & CEO

Onkar Singh

Founder & CEO

TruckSumo is an on-demand platform for small commercial vehicles that aggregates these vehicles and instantly connects them to businesses and individuals in need of local transportation. In a space littered with multiple disorganized vendors, TruckSumo was conceptualized to cut through the clutter and bring reliability into the goods transportation experience. With specially trained drivers, safety-screened vehicles and free insurance, they bring an unprecedented level of professionalism to Indian transportation.

As part of their business of providing small commercial vehicles to customers quickly, TruckSumo equipped all their truck drivers with smartphones, so that customers can get in touch with them directly and track their movements. Now, the smartphones given to the truck drivers are connected to a cellular network and are capable of performing like any other smartphones in turn resulting in device misuse. This could only be avoided by distributing smartphones with access to only specific features and by preventing abuse such as installation of unwanted apps, data use and browsing on the web for personal use. TruckSumo was looking for such a solution which could ensure that the drivers focus only on the intended purpose of receiving jobs, picking up goods and transporting them to the correct destination. They consulted a few development companies for different types of Android kiosk apps, but decided to go with SureLock from 42Gears as it met all their requirements. SureLock had the features that TruckSumo needed to securely lockdown the Android smartphones used by their drivers. With the implementation of SureLock, TruckSumo was able to go to market in short time and a reasonable budget. SureLock also gave TruckSumo full control over applications installed on smartphones and with limited icons on the phones made it easier for drivers to learn how to use smartphones.

A customer focused company, 42Gears Mobility Systems is the fastest growing EMM solution provider in India offering highly customizable and
mutually exclusive products used for managing, securing and controlling COSU (Corporate Owned Single-Use) and BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices). Over the last seven years, team 42Gears have built multiple software products and take immense pride in the fact that over 6000 companies in 102 countries around the world use their products for secure and efficient deployment of mobile applications on wide variety of devices such as tablets and smart phones. “Most customers looking for EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solutions are facing challenges with data security , device misuse and device manageability. Our EMM solutions have been designed to allow easy deployment and customization for managing mobile and rugged handheld devices. EMM product features empower IT admins to manage thousands of devices with minimal effort. The productivity gains for the admin and user employees are immense.

We have seen that most customers get the ROI within 4 months of product deployment,” explains Onkar Parhar, Founder & CEO, 42Gears Mobility Systems.

Comprehensive Lockdown and Management Features

While other players in the mobility space offer all-inclusive products, 42Gears, since inception was clear about catering to specific requirements of customers looking to onboard an EMM solution as per their need. For this purpose, they designed three separate products (SureLock, SureFox, SureVideo) that could perform three specific MDM actions, while SureMDM web console would help track, monitor and push out jobs to multiple registered devices remotely. Unsurprisingly, SureLock, SureFox, SureVideo worked seamlessly along with SureMDM integrations. The beauty of 42Gears products is that they are mutually exclusive, allowing customer to choose the exact product they need, without having to pay for any service that they may not require.

While SureLock is 42Gears’ flagship product, It is a kiosk lock-down solution that allows companies to restrict access to only certain allowed function or apps on off-the shelf or deployed devices; and SureFox is a secure browser that creates a restricted browsing environment on mobile devices and desktops, allows companies to use their devices as self-service web kiosks and data collection terminals, depending on their requirements. Other
than these, SureVideoDigital Signage solution is useful for delivering targeted content to audiences in order to grab their attention. Then there is SureMDM, an intuitive and powerful enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms – Companies can secure, monitor and manage company owned devices for dedicated use as well as employee owned devices used to access company data (BYOD).

Undoubtedly, 42Gears’ solutions are designed to manage end-user devices using modern technologies with built-in privacy settings. The company provides extensive tech support to all customers to ensure smooth implementation. “We believe customer satisfaction can be achieved only with great customer service. Being on par in terms of product quality only gets you into the game, service wins the game. The highly positive feedback, rating and reviews which we receive on play store, from our customers is testament of our product features, efficient before & after-sales service,” says Onkar.

Undoubtedly, 42Gears’ customized solutions are designed to manage enterprise devices using modern technologies and that is why companies trust them to simplify their mobility journey

With an extremely open, friendly and cooperative work environment, 42Gears has created a niche for itself in the global market by developing products that offer highly customizable features. “The next course of action is to expand our customer base and help our EMM solutions reach every corner of the world. At 42Gears, we take a proactive approach towards technological evolution and are keen to tap into areas that are still at their development stage. From IoT and Wearables to BYOD, we have made tremendous strides and embraced newer technologies available in the market. We are continuously upgrading and adding new features to our products to keep them compatible with all major platforms. 42Gears is on a mission to become ‘The’ go-to service provider for global enterprise mobility management needs,” concludes Onkar.