Achal Patel: Unwavering & Immovable in Face of Adversities

Achal Patel,Co-Founder & CEO

Achal Patel

Co-Founder & CEO

A common string that attaches a successful entrepreneur and a mother is a set of virtues that both possess - perseverance, strength and courage. As unlikely as this pairing may be, their motivations and aims are quiet similar. While one toils hard to build a successful business entity from scratch, the other gives it her all to raise a human being. Exhibiting these virtues in both aspects of her life is Achal Patel, CEO, Eywa (a coglomerate company running four entities in varied domains). Staying true to her namesake, which roughly translates to ‘immovable,’ the dedicated single mother has been holding the fort down at Eywa since its inception in 2011. An accomplished technocrat and a systematic leader, Achal has handled technical, as well as operational challenges while transforming Eywa into a force to be reckoned with. Seven years down the line, Achal’s efforts have paid-off and the company has emerged as a conglomerate with its feet in several verticals such as Software development and support, lead generation, digital marketing and a gymnastics coaching academy.

Undertaking Strategic Decisions
Sound decision-making has always formed a critical component for building a successful business. Bestowed with the skill to access a situation well and make smart business moves, Achal identified the dormant potential in an unlikely location, Solapur. “The prosperous town in Maharashtra is home to a host of reputed educational institutions, yet the town lacked employment opportunities for engineers. I knew that an opportunity lay in front of us,” says Achal. Joining forces with her friends, Harshul Patel, Amol Joshi, and Pooja Patki, Achal founded Eywa.

In order to understand the pulse of the market and its trends, the core team deliberately started-out small. Akin to any other garage startup, the company began
operations in a small rented space with a few old computers and two developers. Undertaking smaller projects for developing Android and iOS applications initially, the team was making do with fresh graduates with limited skills. However, when a major project fell into Eywa’s kitty, Achal realised that they needed to ramp-up the scale of operations in order to deliver better results.

The strong willed businesswoman believes in keeping her eyes set on the goal and has thus overcome varied professional, personal and societal challenges

As a consequence, the company expanded its operations to Pune and also hired a few experienced developers. By 2012, the company had landed a few prestigious projects and had parallelly running teams in Solapur and Pune. Over the years Achal and her team have amassed a large clientele spanning across India, U.S., Dubai, New Zealand, Australia & Singapore.

Unwavering Focus on Making Her Dreams Come True
Entrepreneurship is a high-risk endeavour, which requires an individual to look beyond the challenges that may befall their path. The strong-willed businesswoman believes in keeping her eyes set on the goal and has thus overcome varied professional, personal and societal challenges. Armed with just two years of working experience, Achal decided to dive head first into her entrepreneurial journey. “Unlike my contemporaries, climbing the corporate ladder never fascinated me. I always wanted to start something of my own. Although I was advised against starting-out on my own so early in my career, I just knew that I had to make tough calls in order to make my dreams come true,” adds Achal.

Although Eywa was founded by a trio, Harshul and Amol were based in different countries; as a consequence, Achal had to shoulder various responsibilities on her own. Additionally, having been married at an early age, the young business woman also had a host of family responsibilities to take care of. Fuelled by her passion to turn her entrepreneurial dream into reality, Achal
every adversity with courage and
thus helped Eywa gain steady growth.

Constant Learning & Growing
The world of technology and business is an ever evolving field; what is relevant today may lose its pertinence tomorrow. Therefore, constant learning and updating one’s skill set is of prime importance for an entrepreneur. Throughout her journey with Eywa, Achal has had to appraise her technical, as well as leadership skills to stay relevant. “When we started to work with American clients, I realised that their expectations in terms of quality were much higher than our previous clients. Therefore, I shifted my focus towards bettering my technical skills in order to deliver exemplary applications to our clients,” narrates Achal.

Over a period of time, the going got tougher when she had to deliver on a critical project, while being pregnant. A rational thinker, Achal then stepped-down as the technical head and donned the role of the operational head of the organization. Over a period of time, Achal also had to undertake operational responsibilities at Eywa. This compelled the young leader to acquire new skills pertaining to managing HR functions, finance, budgeting, legal issues, structuring, training, compliances and regulations. Picking-up every skill required, Achal mastered the art of running an organization and was recently chosen to head Eywa as the CEO.
Armed with unflinching will and a dynamic temperament has catapulted Achal into becoming a successful businesswoman as well as a supermom. More power to her!

Key Management:
Achal Patel, Co-Founder & CEO
An experienced technocrat, Achal leverages her experience of working with varied clients to render high-quality solutions. Having gained exemplary operational skills, the young businesswoman is leading her team into different geographies, as well as verticals.

Offices: Solapur, Pune & New Jersey

Offerings: Web Development, Mobile Development, Tech Support, Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, Gymnastics Sports Coaching and much more