Anjana Ghosh: Learning & Growing Beyond Conventions

Anjana Ghosh,Director - Marketing & Business Development
Anjana Ghosh,Director- Marketing & Business Development

There is no single definitive formula for success in the corporate world. Stealing an example from the animal kingdom, while on one hand a horse with blinders on can move steadfast towards a goal, one without blinders can utilize its peripheral vision. Similarly, while some professionals chart out their career trajectory well in advance, some prefer to grab the right opportunities to forge their way ahead. The career graph of Anjana Ghosh, Director Marketing & Business Development, Bisleri International, is testament to the potential of growth for someone who chooses to never compartmentalize their career goals. The dynamic businesswoman who spent 15 years in the steel industry made a career defining shift to the FMCG sector in 2006. Having joined Bisleri as Deputy General Manager, Sales & Marketing, within a span of three years Anjana was appointed as the Director. Instrumental in the image overhaul that Bisleri has gone through, she utilizes her sharp business sense and innovative techniques to help the brand maintain sustained growth.

Learning & Unlearning to Grow
In the professional world, it is a rarity to witness experienced leaders shift industries. Counting the unusual career move as one of the biggest risks undertaken by her, Anjana did not just survive, but thrived in the industry. She credits her meteoric rise at Bisleri to her ability to keep an open mind while constantly striving to learn. “I strongly believe that if one wants to achieve something in life, they must never stop learning. Do not compartmentalize yourself and learn everything that you get an opportunity at. If I would have restricted myself to steel industry, then, perhaps I would have not been here today,” explains Anjana.

Unlike many who choose to stick to the norms, Anjana did not believe in following a set career path.
Instead, at every stage of the
career, she focused on achieving the objective of that position with sincerity and passion. The dedicated professional was persistent in terms of completion of a task undertaken to the satisfaction of her superiors instead of earning laurels or appreciation. It was Anjana’s zeal to always perform better than her superior’s expectations that fuelled her professional growth. Although a fast learner by nature, the judicious leader also understands the criticality of unlearning when required, a trait that aided her progression at Bisleri.

"Anjana credits her meteoric rise at Bisleri to her ability to keep an open mind while constantly striving to learn"

Making Every Experience Count
A norm breaker from early on, Anjana’s unconventional professional choices began while she was pursuing her Post Graduate from Mumbai University. While most people opted for specializations such as sales, marketing, IT or finance, Anjana decided to major in Project Management, a field traditionally dominated by men. Starting out her journey as a project executive in 1992, Anjana’s first project entailed the up-gradation of a cold roll steel plant at Raipur. She soon realised that putting up a steel plant required one to work with various agencies under stressful conditions with the pressure of deadlines always looming large. Although the odds were stacked against her, the young professional approached her work with a positive mind set. “I always did things that nobody expected me to do, whether it was staying at a deserted place like Anjar, while putting up a SAW Pipe Plant there or working late into the night while making execution plans and coordinating for shipments to be cleared the next day,” narrates Anjana.

Although the steel and FMCG sector vary on several levels, Anjana leveraged her project management experience while executing projects at Bisleri. Not only did her prior experience help her make perfect plans taking all aspects of inputs to output into consideration, but her on ground knowledge helped Anjana manage labours, vendors, plant layouts, designing layouts, and others very well in order to increase efficiencies in plant and logistic operations. Counting multi-tasking as one of her biggest strengths, Anjana always views challenges as
an opportunity to perform better. The skilled project leader recently developed Bisleri’s corporate office along with a state-of-the-art vertical water plant, the first-of-its-kind in India.

Striving To Better Lives
Having led major projects to successful delivery, Anjana’s capability as a leader goes unquestioned. However, the seasoned professional believes in putting others’ needs before hers. Be it her professional or personal life, Anjana strives to better the lives of people associated with her, whether in terms of care or better life standards. A doting mother to her son, Anjana counts her family’s support as a strong foundation for her professional accolades. With a strong support system in place, she also lays emphasis on leading a healthy life and devotes the first few hours of the day to Pranayam, Yoga and morning walks. A self-professed foodie, the Bengali lady relishes in the process of cooking and holidaying with her family.

Having found the rather elusive, work life balance, Anjana advises aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals to tread ahead with an open mind. She believes that compartmentalizing oneself is harmful and one must never restrict their learning. Although people believe that becoming subject matter experts is the key to leading a successful business, yet they forget that a business is an amalgamation of multiple verticals. Therefore, one must be ‘seamless’ and master every aspect of business. “Knowledge is infinite and your learning process must never end. The day you feel that you know it all and have become an expert, should be the last day of your life,” concludes Anjana.

Key Management:
Anjana Ghosh, Director Marketing & Business Development
Ushering in innovation to the brand and strategizing the engineering of Bisleri from Blue to Green, Anjana ensures that the company's sales constantly zoom ahead. A veteran when it comes to implementing crucial projects, Anjana’s vision and foresight keeps Bisleri ahead of times and above all competition.

Office: Mumbai
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