Digital Guardian: Get Engaged With Ultimate Cyber-Thief Hunt

Ken Levine,President &CEO.

Ken Levine

President &CEO.

"It's an extremely exciting time to work here. We are in high-growth mode and are developing an innovative platform that protects against both insider threats as well as external attacks at Digital Guardian. Our work will be instrumental in protecting sensitive data as it continues to become a more lucrative target for attackers.In addition, being located out of India gives us an immense advantage in influencing the APJ region, where we are seeing an aggressive surge in demand for data and threat protection solutions," Sanjay Kumar, Senior Director of Operations, Core Engineering, Digital Guardian vocalize these words on the headway of yet another rousing project he is engaged with. Superlative-project involvement opportunities fuse with cyber technology exposure to engender Digital Guardian - the data loss prevention software pioneer, a better place to work at.

The Constant Culture

The sprint of Digital Guardian in the last few years in terms of size and revenue caused a sterling makeover to the organization. But one thing remained constant - its close-knit and engaged company culture.This heritage slanted to employee lane not only offers the best career development plans with plethora of skill & experience oriented growth opportunities, but also an extra hand of care for women. The company provides free pre-natal confinement & post-natal care to its women pearls; while the maternity & paternity leave sanction epistles to them are sent along with a baby basket with gifts, regardless of the organization hierarchy. "Although our office in India is young, it has been a pre-eminence to offer the best possible benefits and policies to compete with any of the larger
firms," asserts Ken Levine, President & CEO, Digital Guardian.

The group activities such as annual ping-pong competitions empower Digital Guardian team to experience the top notch company culture, resulting in improved employee engagement.

Along with the market-plus medical policies such as paid family medical & dental coverage, and paid personal accident insurance, the company also has a liberal leave policy structure which includes privilege leave, casual leave and sick leave. To add a bit more flavour over the policies, it best ows meal coupons as well."Digital Guardian is one of the best places to work in technology. We offer competitive salaries and compensation packages while enabling employees to work on an innovative solution that protects corporations' most sensitive data including intellectual property, customer information and trade secrets," says Jessica Katz, Director of HR, Digital Guardian.

The company offers compensation bonuses and days off for employees who 'earn' it. An employee can win this either by working longer hours or days to complete key strategic projects or initiatives or by finishing projects in advance, or introducing a new & innovative concept. The group activities such as annual ping-pong competitions, participation in the Rugged Maniacs obstacle course, and more empower Digital Guardian team to experience the top notch company culture, which results in improved employee engagement. "New minds bring innovative ideas and outside of box thoughts while experienced candidates brings the know-how and resources to execute efficiently. Currently, we look for top talent in engineering and sales to fuel a competitive and high-growth organization," adds Jessica. Employees' family members are allowed inside the Digital Guardian cubicles while the children are allowed to engage with colleagues, which leaves behind the whole-day worries about them.
The Re-Bounce

The organization kick-started its journey in 2003 as Verdasys, a norm data loss prevention software company, which provides software both at the end-user level and in corporate networks, servers, databases and the cloud. As it went through a rapid transformation and growth period in 2014, the company bounced back and rebranded as Digital Guardian under the luminescence of strategic development and management excellence. The version 2.0 now serves with cutting-edge Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions such as 'The Digital Guardian Data Protection Platform', the first and only DLP solution to combine traditional DLP functionality with advanced threat detection capabilities using the same endpoint agent and the same management console.

"Since joining Digital Guardian in 2014, we've experienced a huge growth across the company including sales, product innovation and global expansion. We recruit top-notch talent to join our organization as we work together to achieve our mission of providing corporations with ubiquitous data protection," adjoins Ken. Digital Guardian's Managed Security Program provides companies full service for both Data Loss Prevention and Advanced Threat Protection, while the 'Digital Guardian Next Generation Data Protection Platform' prevents the loss of sensitive data from both internal & external attackers. Significant exposure to these ultra modern niche technologies makes it a favourite game all together for tech-enthusiasts. The company has a 300 people strong workforce globally, of which 20 from Hyderabad office.

Key Management:
Ken Levine, President & CEO
Ken is a master in Cyber Security domain with an industry experience over 30 years. He carved his expertise from mass global organizations such as Cabletron Systems, NitroSecurity and McAfee.

Offices: Massachusetts (Headquarter), India, UK and Japan.

Offerings: Data Protection & Security, Managed Security Services and Data Loss Prevention.