Eternus Solutions: Where Employee Happiness & Success takes the Center Stage

Jitendra Tanna,President&CEO.

Jitendra Tanna


Proactive in leveraging comprehensive IT Services to serve elite clients across various genres, Eternus Solutions was founded in 2011 as an IT consulting services and outsourcing company with a sole focus on cloud, mobility and analytics.Under the dynamic headship of cohort industry veterans, the company is highly renowned for its 'powered by Center of Excellence' model and a fine blend of business expertise, technology and quality, customizable services that embrace best practices to deliver adaptability and cost-effectiveness. As a solution-driven organization, Eternus molds each of its solution so as to fuel the legacy of its commitment towards clients' success.

"Our clients have been very loyal to us and have been the most important part of this journey called 'Eternus Solutions'. All of this would not have been achievable without my team's dedication, hard-work and their passion to be the best," avows Jitendra Tanna, President & CEO, Eternus. Having employee happiness as its paramount axiom, Eternus stands proudly on its employees-first approach and values like innovation, integrity and social responsibility.

A Borderless Growth Trajectory

At Eternus, the hiring strategies do not only valuate an individual's craftsmanship and the experience, but also patience and the trust factor that he/she is likely to establish. Though this made company's initial phase of acquiring employees difficult, today with 250+ resources on board, Eternus has evolved to be a preferred work place and derives strength from its
employee referral system to attract the best and trustable personnel. Not only from big cities, but the best minds are also handpicked from smaller and less-explored territories of opportunities.

At Eternus, the hiring strategies not only valuate an individual’s craftsmanship & experience, but also patience & the trust factor that he/she is likely to establish

Here, the connotation of the career growth is not only circumscribed to the financial terms, but is also about giving more weight to one's resume through their learning. As a techno phile, it has institutionalized platforms and opportunities that constantly challenge the teams to learn and rise aloft. A finest example is its philosophy of encouraging recruits to work a level higher than their role, enjoying a bond-free and flexible work aura. While trainings and its innovation workshops push the innovation boundaries to set an empowering milieu, the awards and recognitions contribute to a more pleasant work environment.

"Today's talented youth need a lot more than monetary benefits, security or designations. They have a much broader perspective. They are strongly inclined towards accelerated learning, sense of achievement, recognitions, and opportunities and above all, they need a FUN place to work at. We provide this platform for our team and this is the biggest reason for our success. Our employees are our extended FAMILY and our PRIDE," proclaims Eternus HR Head Pooja Merchant.

A Fun-Filled Work Aura

Jitendra believes that office proximity is intrinsic to employees' happiness and productivity, and hence the company has housed its offices more at a city center, despite the high cost. The employees are well-bound within an HR framework that supports statutory guidelines, while also ensuring a fun-filled yet
productive work culture. With its 45:55 ratio (women:men), a rare view within the industry, the company also supports working from home, PF flexibility and leave encashment, apart from its standard policies like maternity leave. Motivated by an open-door system, the employees are encouraged to talk their concerns out with anyone at any time.

"I have heard and seen many companies use the term work/life balance, but have witnessed it in reality only at Eternus. With the proper design and flexibility, they have managed to create an atmosphere of accelerated high quality learning and a zest for perfection. Freedom to succeed and freedom to fail," adds Kunal Adhikari from Eternus.

Here, the week & days are energized with the small pockets of re-energizers such as TV and few indoor games, which are complimented with employee engagement programs like cultural groups, study group and Hackathons; whereas on some weekends, the employees are usually found trekking or cycling (promoted by the company). There is an independent arm for CSR, which is driven by the interested employees. Some of these initiatives are not only limited to the employees, but also embrace their families. According to Jitendra, "These unique initiatives are instrumental in propelling the company to retain our best talent consistently".

Key Management:
Jitendra Tanna, President & CEO

Having served various walks of his professional life, Jitendra brings more than 20 years of rich experience to the table. Besides his tenure at Eternus, he is also a founding member of - an India-centric cloud-based healthcare solution.

Offices: Pune (Headquarter)

Offerings: Product Engineering, Data Integration& Migration, Cloud & Mobile Consulting & Enterprise Application.