GlobalLogic: Making Work a Fun-Filled, yet a Productive Feat

Shashank Samant, CEO.What are the possible effective ways to retain the best? - is perhaps the biggest question that haunts every company, and the competitive business world makes the question trickier. However, that's a query best answered by a talent magnet. "To deliver an effective talent retention strategy, individuals need to be productive, organization should have right culture and leadership must be widely available," explains Shashank Samant, CEO, GlobalLogic - an experience design and digital product development services leader.With a perfect blend of best of these three ingredients, the company has emerged into a canopy for 9500+ employees spread across India, Europe and America.

Leveraging the combination of experience design,complex engineering and agile delivery,this California-headquartered companyclearly understands the changing nature of tech-savvy products and helps customers create and accelerate digital innovation. Founded in Y2K - an era where the Internet had set the table for the potential IT transformation - Global Logic indeed brought to the palate a distinctive approach; but, also had to confront a major challenge of attracting qualified engineers.

However, the innovative engineering services company driven by its exciting armada of solutions that range from a chip to the cloud technology soon evolved into a growth-bitten organization, reaping in not only a double-digit growth but also customers and employees alike. "GlobalLogic is in the design and engineering services business and customer delight is our top priority - this can only be achieved if we have talented, happy and engaged employees," adds Shashank.

A Plethora of Initiatives

Powered by a hiring team, an HR
team and an L&D team, GlobalLogic's robust talent management processes run on four key dimensions - acquisition, development, engagement and retention of talents. The hiring strategy scrutinizes fresh minds based on their brightness, innovation potential and a passion to spearhead a difference; while the veterans in the industry are assessed based on their skills and experience. The company has institutionalized various hard as well as soft-skill trainings, which help the Globytes (employees) hone their knowledge, build a career in entrepreneurship and even achieve vertical and horizontal growth. The list doesn't end here, but goes on to include boot camp for freshers, 360° Program for selective leadership roles, Talent Summit and knowledge sharing sessionss.

GlobalLogic clearly understands the changing nature of tech-savvy products and helps customers create & accelerate digital innovation

"By staying true to our core values of integrity, openness, teamwork and innovation, we believe we can attract and retain the best employees and continue our tradition as an amazing place to work," proclaims Neeru Mehta, VP-HR, GlobalLogic. As a people-friendly organization, GlobalLogic ensures continuous work prosperity through a plethora of surveys, activities like performance reviews, awards, facilities and policies, each designed to suit every individual in the hierarchy. The process of performance assessment has been further quadrupled with the company's partnership with eminent organizations like AON Hewitt and AceNgage.

The company has built a culture that ensures individual attention and support. Here, the talent appraisal philosophy emphasizes on providing feedback, identifying development needs, and proffering career planning, while ensuring quality compliance, robust communication and coaching for managers at each level. Performance coaching capsule is one such session that equips the managers with right tools to enable a consultative and collaborative engagement. "As the company evolves, it's great to see that the focus on employee
engagement and welfare continues to be a top priority. It's great to be part of an organization that has such an employee-focused culture,"asserts Harun Rashid, Senior Marketing Manager, GlobalLogic.

The Workplace Perks

According to GlobalLogic, policies are strategic link between the company's vision and its day-to-day operations. Thus, the milieu within the office is marked distinctively with an exhaustive, yet flexible leave policy, loan policy on an interest-free basis which is repayable with an easy EMI option, a policy to prevent, prohibit and respond to sexual harassment at workplace, competitive compensation structure and retirement benefits.

From incorporating camaraderie between employees to keep their rush amped up, GlobalLogic has activities for all - Connect Programs, team outings, employee activity club, and EAC to name a few. Furthermore, the offices are equipped with recreational space to include game tables, gaming consoles, gymnasium and breakout zones. Firmly believing in relationships with employees much beyond their workstations, GlobalLogic considers one's family members as its own integral part, who are equally connected, respected, and valued as a part of varied success stories at GlobalLogic.

Key Management:
Shashank Samant, CEO

From Citicorp that marked the dawn of his professional career in 1989 to the present GlobalLogic, Shashank is highly-acknowledged for his passion for technology and his significant roles in a performance transformation of the eminent product connoisseurs that he has worked with.

Offices:California (Headquarter); Noida, Bengaluru, Nagpur, Hyderabad & Gurgaon (India); and offices in Ukraine, Argentina, Slovakia, Poland and Croatia.
Offerings: Product Design & Development, Content Engineering, Product Testing & QA, and many others.