Hoonar Tekwurks: A Ladder to Progressive Career Path

Santanu Pattadar,Head of Delivery

Santanu Pattadar

Head of Delivery

Greatness, like many objectives, lies in the eyes of the be holder. The eyes of a high-flier, how ever, are always on a constructive career path rather than money, because there's always someone out there who can beat an offer monetarily.Proffering abundant opportunities of professional growth for the upward mobility of its employees is Hoonar Tekwurks Consulting LLP (HoonarTek), a niche enterprise data integration solution provider. This Pune-based company's partnership with AbInitio enables it to provide solution aligned with latest technologies & approach. HoonarTek is known for its big data & analytics consulting, world class AbInitio services and Payments to Banking, Telecom, Credit Bureaus and Retail Chains sectors.

"We have diversified talent in successful implementation of solutions across these sectors, who are solving client's challenges and seeking continuous solutions for them. Instead of growing our business by touching various technologies, we operate with sheer focus on data and a clear vision on delivering on our promise with unique quality," explains Santanu Pattadar, Head of Delivery, HoonarTek.

Incentives to Learn & Develop

The six-year old company that today has people spread across India, USA, UK and South Africa didn't recruit anyone until it sold its first project. Then the tech-savvy founders with vast experience in technical design and architecture sourced ten employees with two years of experience and empowered them with their guidance and support. Justifying its name HoonarTek, which stands for
'Technical skill well trained', the company bestows its people with ongoing opportunities and incentives to learn, develop and grow, both in establishing new job-specific hard skills as well as softer skills that serve them well not just as managers and leaders, but also as individuals.

HoonarTek encourages employees to reinvigorate themselves by fun- filled activities and promotes a culture of work life balance.

The company's culture revolves around the principles: Respect and liking the people you work with, Trust, Reward Employees and Know your work. HoonarTek's flat hierarchy helps it to leverage different people in various levels appropriately. The company's open door & open desk policy (with very minimal cubicles) reflects its transparent culture. In HoonarTek, ideas don't just come tops-down, but from all directions. It also offers a stake in the company's success in the form of profit sharing.

Freshers can come as a seed in this organization, learn, grow and soon start delivering fruits. HoonarTekians get technical support throughout the lineage; no cabin or ladder approach is followed for asking queries or help. HoonarTek shows that if you are going to do great work, your career will grow accordingly. It offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards employees' efforts, and ensures that employees know their work is meaningful," says an employee of HoonarTek.

Constant Reinvigoration

While working, HoonarTek encourages employees to reinvigorate them selves by fun-filled activities. HoonarTek promotes a culture of work life balance. The company reserves a certain amount of money for outing every month. Some teams accumulate this for six months and enjoy a big outing. HoonarTek celebrates various
events such as year-end gala, major festivals and the company's foundation day, for which the whole team go out for a dinner and party. During annual awards function, HoonarTekians' families are invited as we believe that the ardent support from our near and dear ones is important and they must applauded along with our employees.

Endless Perks

HoonarTek has several perks such as monthly rewards & recognition program, pick-up & transport facilities, an incremental appraisal structure where HoonarTekians can have an open-heart discussion to improve themselves. Transparent interaction during the monthly employee engagement programs shows them that they are an integral part of the organization. HoonarTek also provides healthy, high quality food at subsidized rates as health is of utmost importance to deliver right.

"Due to personal approaches towards resources, challenging technical work, employee friendly policies, good working environment, approachability at all levels, and top management reach at ease makes HoonarTek a great employer to work with. HoonarTek is in the course of evolution from better to best where each and every associate proudly feels to be associated with the HoonarTek family," concludes a proud member of the HR team at HoonarTek.

Key Management:
Santanu Pattadar, Head of Delivery

Administrating the end-to-end delivery at HoonarTek, Santanu has around 22 years of experience in the IT Industry and has handled many Large and Complex Programs for Fortune 100 companies worldwide. He has been a regular at IT Seminars and has represented HoonarTek in many of them.

Offices:Pune (Headquarter), New Jersey, Gauteng and London

Offerings: Enterprise Information Management, Data Integration, Consulting, Decision Engine and others.