Charitha Kailas: A Creative Businesswoman with Unswerving Verve

Charitha Kailas,Founder‘Mommy! My friends say their mom is a doctor, lawyer or software engineer. What should I say about you?’ – it’s this innocent question by her little son that inspired Charitha Kailas (Founder, The Studio Verve, a functional & aesthetic interior decorating solutions provider) to earn an identity for herself. Though her passion for interior designing was sparked during her college days when she was enthusiastically doing reference work for her elective subject in interior designing, Charitha’s desire spread like a wildfire with her son’s question.

Born in a business family, getting married to a businessman and holding an MBA, entrepreneurship had always been her bee in the bonnet. The woman that chose to become a homemaker immediately after graduation, earned a diploma in Principles of Interior Designing and got certified in Autocad, Revit architecture, 3ds Max & Photoshop, once her kids were old enough to take care of themselves. Though continuing studies after a 15-year gap was a daunting task, Charitha was determined not to let go of her dream.

When she was setting-up a team by recruiting carpenters, painter, electricians, plumber & others after the course completion, her parents were supportive enough to give their home for renovations to help her learn the ropes. Doing-up her own house & office, filled her with tremendous confidence to establish The Studio Verve. But wearing the entrepreneur hat calls for navigating tough terrain. Charitha’s first project demanded her to sign a contract with a reputed builder NatWest Construction that she would invest in building a model house at Singaperumalkoil, which is outside Chennai. She decided to take the risk, as she foresaw that it would open-up a lot of business opportunities for her due to its close proximity to Mahindra city. And she was right! Furthermore, her website showcasing The
Studio Verve’s furniture gave Charitha a platform to showcase her talents.

“One cannot find my work anywhere else. I insist on the materials’ quality & durability and selection of trusted brands,” asserts Charitha. Her unique work is designed based on clients’ preferences & personalities, as she believes interiors reflect one’s personality and style. Initially, educating her team on the concepts and aesthetics of living space was a Herculean task for her. However, she never compromised or deviated from principle of interior designing which if considering can be both her strength and weakness.

I can create something out of nothing! I believe that my interior should also be cosy, warm and comfortable apart from being attractive

The root cause behind Charitha’s success lies in her creativity & proficiency in visualising an interior work’s outcome, which helps her in planning the required material, budget and manpower precisely. Yet her obsession with appearance to the tiniest details pushes her to work over time occasionally to meet the promised deadline without cutting corners and she motivates her team to do the same. This dedication not only propelled The Studio Verve to attract more clients, but also helped Charitha to attain ‘The Best Upcoming Interior Designer in Residential Category – 2018’ from Chennai at The Architectural & Interior Designing Excellence Awards.

Maximum Utilization of Available Space
Though Charitha excels at creating grand living space using expensive materials, she always had a passion for designing modern & trendy houses out of small spaces and giving to the society well-designed homes with designer’s touch within minimal budget & space constraints. This is where her knack for innovating creative storage spaces comes to the fore. She designs the furniture to serve multiple tasks, whether it’s a bed with multiple storage uses, a side table with backrest & storage options for serving as a chair/bookshelf/laptop table or a dining table with storage options that can be temporarily folded and made for two, four or six people accordingly.
Charitha has created thematic furniture such as tie-shaped chairman’s table, and princess & jungle themed display units, wherein every other element in that room revolves around that particular concept. Also specializing in renewal of old furniture, she once changed an old console table into a Pooja mandir by painting variations. “I can create something out of nothing! I believe that my interior should also be cosy, warm and comfortable apart from being attractive,” she remarks. For clients with budget constraint, Charitha creates conceptualised living space based on colour concept.

The Backbone to Success
To ensure that she’s energetic at work, Charitha follows a strict diet regime and goes for a brisk walk every morning accompanied by breathing & stretching exercises. Prompt in maintaining meeting timings, she personally visits the site to ascertain that the work is progressing as planned. “After ensuring that everything is done for the day, I retire to bed not worrying about what needs to be done for the next day. I just relish the moments I spend with family. I love cooking for them and eat together, while discussing about the happenings of the day or each other views about any subject,” adds Charitha.

Considering family as the backbone to her success, Charitha is grateful for their motivation and finds work-life balance by multitasking & delegating the work structurally. A sushi-aficionado, Charitha loves reading & watching movies, enjoys weekend outing at a Chinese restaurant and the family always seeks to holiday at Singapore. She is addicted to driving cars as obsessed she’s with interior designing. Taking a bold new step towards designing restaurants, boutiques and showrooms, Charitha seems to have the perfect verve to create a positive impact in the industry.

Key Management:
Charitha Kailas, Founder
A creative interior designer with great eye for detail, who ensures the maximum utilization of available space via unique concept-based designs and innovative themed furniture.

Office: Chennai
Offerings:Interiors, Display Unit, Wardrobes, Crockery & Utility Units in Kitchen, Office, File Storage Unit,Laser Cut Door Panelling, False Ceiling and Exterior Designing