CtrlS Datacenters Ltd: Securing Mission Critical Applications

The Indian IT industry is making a rapid progress, especially with the ‘Digital India’ initiative leading to most businesses and government embracing SMAC (Social Media, Mobile Computing, Analytics/Big Data and Cloud Computing) in a big way. India houses several leading data center companies from across the globe and the growing number of IT infrastructure, marks the evolution of IT sector in the country. The Indian datacenter market is estimated to grow at USD 2 billion with an overall size of four million square feet. The market shall witness rapid growth due to new technologies such as IoT, Big Data/Analytics, Social Media, Cloud & Mobile computing. IoT with millions of connected things, eCommerce, social media and other technologies will lead to generation of large amount of data – In fact, it is widely reported that 90 percent of world’s data has been created in the last two years. Such large amount of data generation will require the support of datacenter infrastructure such as large storage, high and continuous availability supported by robust data security – this in itself offers a great growth potential for datacenters in India.

It is therefore, no surprise that the data center market is growing fast and digital transformation is the underlying reason for the same. Higher the amount of digital content produced, more critical will be role of data centers to host and run all of the mission-critical information, ensure the data security and availability. Presently, a majority of business depends heavily on internet communication and data storage to make crucial decisions and thus demands data center services. The key necessities of the current business functions include availability, connectivity, speedy internet service, and effective data sharing. Businesses are demanding for better connectivity and data storage and IT facilities are meeting the demands efficiently.

Contributing to such growth of Indian businesses and helping them transform in their digital transformation journey is Hyderabad based CtrlS Datacenters Ltd, which is India’s first and Asia’s largest Tier-4 Datacenters. The company owns 4 of the World’s 26 Tier-4 Datacenters and ensures industry best up-time SLA of 99.995 percent combined with robust data security.

Being Serious about Data!!

The journey of CtrlS Datacenters dates back to 2008. As an underdog in the industry, CtrlS had to carve a niche for them, and being a Tier-4 has been the company’s key differentiator. However, since there was no precedent in the country, CtrlS had a difficult time convincing the Government agencies to approve dual power (concurrent power) facility for their datacenter. Once the power facility fell in place, they commissioned India’s 1st Tier-4 Datacenter in Hyderabad and since then there was no looking back. Over the years, team CtrlS has developed the capabilities to provide platform level services which includes data center infrastructure, storage, backup, hardware, OS layers, network and security layers. Additionally, they have offered a host of outsourced business solutions and services such as Disaster Recovery on demand, Managed services, Private cloud-on-demand to enable clients to make the paradigm shift from the captive datacenter model to the outsourced one.

Throwing light on, Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder & CEO, CtrlS Datacenters Ltd speaks, “Our commitment to our customer is total ownership. We have developed alliances which cater to the business application layer for automating our customers' business processes, thereby developing the capability of providing end to end custom solutions catering to their unique requirements. This is in line with our corporate policy of being a steward to the IT needs of our customers.”
As Asia’s largest Tier-4 datacenter, CtrlS offer Industry best up-time SLA of 99.995 percent - which translates to near zero downtime. Banks, stock exchanges, eCommerce players, ERP user companies, healthcare providers who run mission-critical applications, require continuous availability of infrastructure and we play a key role in ensuring their continuous infrastructure availability. “The major challenges faced by CIOs in the Industry are managing the availability of infrastructure, ensuring data integrity and managing risk of security threats. We mitigate the risks faced by them through our Tier-4 SLA of 99.99 percent and, monitoring and managed services including managed security services,” says Sridhar.

Swapnil Shirwadkar - Head - Datacenter Operations & IT Projects, IndiaFirst Life Insurance and Winner of IDC insights Awards 2015 says, “CtrlS has provided us a unique DR solution on the cloud. The solution not only enabled our ability to withstand disasters but also help save our costs by 60% and above. It has been a pleasure working with the entire CtrlS team and building a robust solution for IndiaFirst Life Insurance.”

What makes CtrlS rise above the crowd is their industry’s lowest Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) offering of approximately 1.5 which helps their customers bring down their cost anywhere between 20 and 30 percent. Promoted by the 18 year old Pioneer Group, which has been building the largest available infrastructure in the Datacenter world and is already into FMS and SI functions, CtrlS is the only one of its kind in India to provide 8-zone security, scalability for up to 10 years, guaranteeing the highest availability and least energy consumption. Armed with top-of-the-line features and the very best of infrastructure and technology, they offer clients an array of benefits which can drive a saving of up to 40 percent on total cost of ownership. In fact, its Noida Tier-4 datacenter is quake-proof and can withstand a quake on Richter scale of 7 to 9 and has a in-house air-pollution filtration plant to eliminate air pollutants. This unique filtration plant takes in polluted air into the air filtration plant, cleans the polluted air and pumps it into the datacenter ensuring the corrosion of infrastructure is eliminated, also serving the purpose of providing healthy air to its occupants.

Keep Your Data Secure

Understanding the importance of data protection that any business requires, team CtrlS has built their Tier 4 datacenters to such high standards that every possible impediment to smooth, hassle free operations has been thought of and adequately addressed. Aside from being a pure play datacenter services organization, the company has extended their portfolio to managed services, disaster recovery services, and cloud (Private, Public, Hybrid). “We have designed World’s 1st Tier-4 Cloud branded as Cloud4C – this is a ‘Made in India’ cloud designed for mission critical applications and offers near zero downtime and zero data loss as it built on a 4Copy architecture and is compliant with RBI guidelines and has robust security. Besides this, we have introduced Community cloud for banks (Bank-in-a-Box) which is compliant with RBI guidelines, Government Community cloud (G-Cloud) and SAP Community cloud – all the three community cloud offerings have been well received by banks, government departments and businesses respectively - We have ten banks using our Bank-in-a-Box solution, while the GST application is being powered by our G-Cloud, and, lastly we have approximately fifty businesses using our SAP community cloud. Soon, we are rolling our ‘Next Generation Managed Security Services’ to address the critical security needs of enterprises,” explicates Sridhar.
Sridhar Pinnapureddy,Founder & CEO

CtrlS has presence in 10 countries and 12 of the Fortune 100 Global companies and 24 of the ET 100 companies in India

Saurabh Gupta, GM-IT & SAP, 3B Fibreglass (A Binani Group Company) says, “We are extremely happy with the services provided by Cloud4C. All our applications which are mission critical in nature have been successfully deployed on their cloud infrastructure. With this success, we are now looking at a long term engagement with them, as we are continuously embracing cloud technologies for rest of our applications in the company”

The Global Outreach

CtrlS has presence in 10 countries and 12 of the Fortune 100 Global companies and 24 of the ET 100 companies in India. The company, needless to say is trusted by Indian and Global majors such as Tata Group, Aditya Birla Group, Bajaj, State Bank of India, ONGC, ICICI, L&T, HDFC, Axis Bank, Adani Group, Hero Group, Dr. Reddy’s, SAP, Fedex, and Uber. As a testimony to their commitment, differentiation and ability to go the extra mile to serve their customers, CtrlS has enabled SAP with their cloud infrastructure. Enlightening further, Sridhar says, “SAP has been our customer since a long time, and when they planned to launch the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud services (SAP HEC) in India, we enabled them with our cloud infrastructure. The robustness of the solution was very well received by SAP and as a result they elevated us as their Global Premium Supplier of technology – what began as an experiment in India is now crossed Indian borders and we work together in ten countries at the moment.”

A young and dynamic organization full of energy and ideas, CtrlS is indeed a great place to work. Employee learning and development is a key area of focus at CtrlS as they believe in nurturing budding talent and grow them as young leaders. Reportedly, CtrlS has been growing at 40 percent year on year since the last five years and is home to 1,000 employees spread across India, USA, Singapore, Europe, Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Narrating the future developments, Sridhar concludes enthusiastically, “We are investing INR 1,200 crores towards our expansion plan to 40 countries across Americas, Europe, APAC, MENA regions.”