Datamato Technologies: Resolving Software Complications by Promising to Deliver

Sachin Londhe, FounderIn any given sector, challenges are inevitable, be it BFSI, Telecom, Automotive, Manufacturing. Everything revolves around process improvement and increased productivity. If we dig in deep and channelize the pain points it all leads us to Achieving end-to-end traceability in product development life-cycle, Reduced time to market for product deploy & release, Effectively meet different regulatory compliances and standards, Deliver better product in less time and Reduce human dependency and human induced error.

Now to mitigate this entire problem, the solution usually encompasses implementation of agile approach, DevOps or creating process-templates as per the customer requirement. Datamato, a unique tech company based in Pune is working on DevOps since last five years. Being an IBM Gold partner and one of the largest in India, Datamato has been instrumental in promoting IBM products for DevOps, IoT and CLM in varied sectors like automotive, BFSI and manufacturing sector. Hence are positioned in such a way that they offer an end-to-end solution in all of these capabilities by stitching all pieces together for a larger solution like DevOps.

“With our expert technical team and relevant industry experience, we can offer complete solution to our customer’s needs. We strive to ensure that the proposed solution fits exactly in customer environment and takes necessary efforts by providing right set of tools and services to fulfill customers-needs. Our team of consultants work with the customer with their previous experiences and knowledge of tools to ensure the implementation happens smoothly and the early RoI objectives are achieved,” says Sachin Londhe, Founder, Datamato Technologies.

Not the Fruit but the Experience Itself

Employees are an inevitable part of any organization’s success, especially for SMEs like Datamato. Established in 2010, at present has emerged as one of the fastest consultative solution enabler that provides end-to-end customized technology
solution to clients across domain. As they believe in listening, supporting, developing and nurturing the talent along with timely appreciation. The team is all time motivated, engaged and has a responsive workforce that substantially adds to more productive outputs.

Datamato is one of the fastest consultative solution enablers that provides end-to-end customized technology solution to clients across domain

Datamato takes immense pride in their resources and technical strength. They constantly put a premium on continuous-learning. “Being business partners with technology behemoth like IBM and with efforts of highly skilled in-house technical team, we are able to deliver desired results to our world-class customers/clientele. Solving their pain-points, in best feasible and effective manner itself is challenge for us, as each solution itself will be highly-customized. Such opportunities demands consultative approach to understand clients’ problem statement, possible solutions and leveraging/introducing right set of tools in their environments. This offers great variety of learning and exposure to our employees and we know this for a fact that it also keeps them motivated, when they strive hard to deliver the quality services,” says Amit Bobade, Business Manager, Datamato Technologies.

An Array of Services & Solutions

Datamato provides services in varied fields like DevOps, IoT, Application Life-cycle Management (ALM), rational tools among others. Primarily their key focus areas are DevOps and IoT. Under DevOps, they focus on ALM solution, deploy and release management. Also they are actively working in the area of automated environment orchestration, provisioning, infrastructure as-a-code, mostly related to Ops side of DevOps. Altogether Datamato provides tools, services and consultancy to effectively manage the development life-cycle of products and helps customers to achieve industry compliance like AUTOSAR, ASPICE, ISO 26262, and CMMI using these tool sets.
Besides this, the company provides services in IoT. Enlightening on their IoT services, Amar Bhandari, CTO, Datamato Technologies says, “Application of IoT in today’s era is endless. With the help of IBM’s IoT platform, we provide tailored solution for all kinds of IoT use cases. Using IBM’s platform we have been able to provide capabilities of Watson in IoT platform, thus enabling customer to gather and analyze data using several of Watson’s in-built capabilities (Accessible via APIs). We have been working in manufacturing industry with IoT solution as of now, but slowly we’ll be catering to other industry as well.”

Datamato has helped clients improve their enterprises by equipping them with the best in class technology for an unchallenging and highly rewarding digital life. Some of their clients include KPIT Technologies, TATA power, TATA Motors, Atos and Minda Corporation.
With 40+ member team, Datamato headquartered in Pune, India, has sales offices in Dubai, UAE and Chicago, USA. Further speaking about the roadmap ahead of company, Sachin concludes “We intend to achieve excellence in all technology-areas we work in. The unending drive to achieve more with respect to business and customer satisfaction has kept us motivated throughout our journey till now. In the years to come, we wish to extend our existing experience to the newer and wider set of customer. While doing this we would also like to enable us on new emerging technologies in IoT, Cloud, and be a solution provider in this area by venturing into our own products and solutions.”