Dhimant Bakshi: Curating Unforgettable Experience with World-Class entertainment

 Dhimant Baksh,    CEOThe media and entertainment industry saw continued changes from technological progress, evolving generational behaviors, and lasting impacts from the global pandemic.

People are looking for physical recreational activities like amusement parks, which increasingly use virtual and augmented reality technology to enhance customer experience. The latest technology in rides, theater-based attractions, and IoT-enabled theme parks will lead to sizable demand in the market. Dhimant Bakshi, CEO and CMO of Imagicaaworld Entertainment, has an inherent flair for nurturing brands, leading teams, and successfully innovating and managing through both the Growth and Crisis phase. A magical & fun-filled world of its own, Imagicaaworld Entertainment offers entertainment, fun, relaxation, dining, shopping, events, and accommodation at a single location.

An alumnus of INSEAD with over 28 years of rich experience in Consumer Insight centric businesses viz, Retail and Entertainment businesses, Dhimant has worked with Organizations such as Shoppers' Stop, Future Group, Globus, and Reliance Retail. Recently he along with the team has turned around the company by garnering inventors carrying out a successful debt resolution with the Lenders and on the path of value creation. Dhimant Bakshi engages in an exclusive interaction with the Siliconindia Magazine, here’s the highlight.

How would you define Imagicaaworld Entertainment as an organization and its current position in the market?
Imagicaa is a uniquely themed entertainment destination that delivers on the promise of creating delightful memories via multiple experiences ranging from an on-premise hotel, indigenous characters, innovative and uniquely Themed Attractions, Thrilling rides and shows, MICE spaces, and chosen events Venue. It is an excellent product with World-class Rides and attractions with Indian Sensibilities. The quality of entertainment and scale of operations is genuinely the best in class in India and South Asia. There are several attractions and rides that Imagicaa has pioneered for India, and it has genuinely set a new benchmark for the industry with the kind of entertainment possible and what Indians would love to do. Constant endeavor is to bring and deliver world-class experience within India, and Imagicaa has successfully achieved it.

Tell us about your flagship offerings and the value additions customers can expect from your offerings.
Imagicaa's flagship offerings are India's many
First viz, Nitro, I for India, 'Mr. India', Rajasaurus, Deep Space, Wrath of the Gods, and many more. With thrilling slides, including gravity-defying solo loops & fun-for-the-group mat racers, and restaurants serving great food & drinks, Water park is almost the most preferred hangout destination with a live DJ party on the weekend. These rides and attractions have carved a niche in the market alongside being instrumental in improving the experience and bringing customer delight. Themed attractions, landscaping, dining, ambient music, character design, props, and interactive installations, are not just elements but instill a feeling of escapism in the park. The destination also has an on-premise hotel Novotel Imagicaa Khopoli, situated adjacent to the park, which offers attractive stay packages as a basecamp to relax where guests can enjoy the destination. Imagicaa is also the perfect magical destination for theme weddings, from Bollywood to fairy tale against the picturesque lagoon or The Imagicaa Capital castle. One can expect a new experience at every step and a thousand ways to have fun.

What could be more exciting than turning your passion into Reality and converting it into format of consumption for the guests

How has your path to success been and what is your success mantra? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?
First, I would like to thank-the almighty for the opportunity presented to me each day and not let success or your moment of euphoria slacken you as an individual. Even more to not let any setbacks get to you .The second is to believe in what you do with utmost humility, do it with grit, and carefully respect the people around you. We all do come across varied spectrums of bosses ranging from mentors to hard taskmasters. Difficult ones will help you become strong mentally, along with domain learning and nice ones will teach you many great things and leave you with positive memories. In a nutshell, seek the good out from each one you cross paths with. Each day, I look forward to getting to work, deliberating on what I can do little better little more and with the belief and hope that 'The Best is yet to come'.

What are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities you foresee?
COVID has made everyone understand the importance of outdoor recreational activities and we see a good blend of Physical and Digital experiences that can infuse happiness in customers' minds. People are looking at various experiences that are relatable, personalized, and share-worthy at the same time couple this with "Entertainment on the Go". which will be more advanced vis-a-vis Gaming apps that can have VR, AR and XR experiences. I think these factors will be pivotal in shaping the future of entertainment, where experiences can become seamless for a guest, becoming the core of a person's memories and extending beyond the Entertainment Parks or centers.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to entrepreneurs starting anew in this domain?
Creating with passion and ensuring that it remains viable while having longevity is another critical aspect of the business. It is a product of both the Right and the Left Brain, and it is essential to balance the two elements through collective wisdom and good teamwork. One shouldn't allow any aspect to dominate the other and keep Consumers in Mind and Market Readiness for each decision and action. One should be mindful of phasing the offerings to keep the excitement going and ensure freshness from Communication and newness angle in addition to gauging the consumer response and tracking ROI and Consumer Experience Quotient.